Why You Should Utilize Business Cards When Searching for Your First Job

Posted by Gwyneth Loniewski on Mar 29, 2023 3:56:26 PM


Business cards contain important information about you or your business, information that can be accessed easier than online! They show professionalism, are easy to use when networking, are convenient, memorable, and much more.

Business cards can be an important tool for students looking to establish themselves professionally and build valuable connections in their chosen field. They offer a convenient and practical way to exchange contact information with potential employers, mentors, and peers. Additionally, they can help students convey a professional image and leave a lasting impression on those they meet. Showcase yourself, your professionalism, and get in a position for a successful future career and unlock new opportunities in such a simple way!


 Business cards are irreplaceable

 Business cards are easy to access. When they are given out, they are most often times placed into the pocket of whom it was handed to and is easy to refer back to. They are also easily referable. Think about it, you are searching for your first job and are speaking to a potential employer. It is narrowed down to you and one other person that the employer is very interested in. You gave a business card, and the other person didn’t. Therefore, your information will be easier to access and your level of professionalism stands out because of something as simple as a business card! This shows that you are interested in the job you are seeking and are hoping to leave an impression on the potential employer.


Business cards are practical

A lot of information can fit onto such a small card while still having a professional appeal. Print itself gets people’s attention and holds attention differently than a website or digital form of information. Business cards show the effort and pride that is taken in one’s work, once again, even being a small piece of information. They are compact and easy to carry around. For students and anyone searching for a job, they can be handed out at networking events, conferences, or even in casual settings, providing an easy way to share contact information. Read to find out how your business card can be used to make lasting connections.

Here is more information as to why business cards are practical and universal in the world of networking and employment for students and professionals:


Business cards are an important marketing tool in the digital world

In researching business cards and the level of importance they still hold, I found some statistics that support how frequently they are still used. According to Strategic Factory, “there are about 10 billion business cards printed in the United States each year – or roughly 27 million each day.” These numbers show that even though we progress further and further into the digital world every day, business cards still play an important role in the world of networking and job search. When it comes to first impressions, they hold more power of a first impression as opposed to a digital search for a company’s information. A business card has the potential to give a first impression faster than any other written information. A digital search takes much longer than being handed a business card and reading it. They are tangible and can be physically handled as opposed to digital information that can be lost in the mix of many other peoples’ digital profiles. Everyone knows how much a first impression means and how long it may last! That is why it is important to take into consideration what you would like your first impression to be on potential employers.

Click here for more specific information regarding a student business card that can be used for internships or jobs.


There is a certain etiquette when handing out business cards

Especially when you are searching for you first job, it is important to not pass your business card out to everyone you see. Doing this seems impersonal and can be a waste of your cards if they are being handed out with no specific interests or intentions. A good tip to use when passing out your business cards is to write notes on the back of them. This is a personal action that is appealing to many people. Some notes that can be written on the back of a business card include:

  • Thanking the person for taking the time to speak with you
  • Additional contact information
  • Meeting details
  • Reminder of conversation
  • Personal information
  • Next steps
  • And more!

This may also lead to a higher chance of your business card being kept and looked at more than once. When searching for you first job, this is a memorable thing to do and will most definitely help you stand out from others. Another important etiquette tip is to not leave your business card in random places. This can lessen your credibility as someone who is searching for a job. If your card is seen by someone sitting in a random area, they may not take you as serious as they would if the card was personally handed to them.


Designing a business card: less is more

When designing a business card, it is important to start with a design template or logo. Most importantly, know yourself and how you want to portray your image when searching for a job and speaking with a potential employer. The steps to designing a business card include:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Adding logo
  • Adding graphics
  • Text
  • Choosing font
  • Adding a finish
  • Picking who will design your cards
  • Finalizing the design

The information that is included will determine the level of outreach you may get with your business card and the amount of information you choose to release about yourself.

Click here to see a list of what should be included on your business card as well how to put it all together to look professional.


You now know just how helpful a business card may be in your job search!

There are many ways to maximize your professional potential with the use of business cards. Business cards are an essential tool for students and professionals who are looking to make a positive, long-lasting impression. Even in a world of digital information, a business card can serve as the best first impression for you and your business. They are a networking tool that are convenient and practical, and can help students convey a professional image. Don’t underestimate the power of such a small but essential tool, especially when searching for your first job!


Read more or click the additional links to find more information as to why you should utilize business cards during your first job search!




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