Why Connecting at your Job Fair is So Important

Posted by Brady Whitaker on Dec 24, 2018 1:00:00 PM

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Why are job fairs so important?

And why do these events happen often?

Job fairs put the employer and potential employees in a win/win situation. This type of event gives
exposure to the employer and to the individual who is seeking a job/career. The employer can set up
their own booth at the event and they usually hand out small promotional gifts for the prospective
employees. These prospective employees are usually college students or individuals that have recently graduated.

What makes job fairs so important is because of the connections that can be made at these events. That is why these types of events occur often. Everyone that is involved can benefit in some way. Here are five reasons why YOU should connect at your job fair!

5 Reasons your Connections are Important:

1. On-spot Employment

Employers can connect with the potential employees by conducting on-the-spot
interviews. If all goes well, the potential employees could fill the job!

2. Exposing yourself to the Industry

Job seekers have this opportunity to get their name out there. Networking is extremely
valuable; if you’re persistent enough, employers can see that, and they can tell their
peers about you. This type of networking can go a long way for young individuals.

3. Face-to-Face contact is still #1

Most young individuals would rather communicate online with employers regarding a
job opportunity. It is so important to communicate face-to-face rather than online will
never have the same lasting impact as face-to-face communication.

4. Gives you Confidence in the Real World

Confidence is key in any real-world task or assignment. At a job fair, even if you feel
uncomfortable, go out of your way to speak with employers at their booths. This builds
immediate connections and instills confidence in how you present yourself to your
future employer.

5. Review of your Resume

Maybe your resume isn’t the greatest? Speak with the professionals at their booth and
ask them if they can review your resume. They will give you correct guidance to fix up
your resume. This is a key aspect of connecting at a job fair because a bad resume can
only get you so far.

Prepare NOW!
As you can see, connecting at your next job fair is important and it can be extremely valuable to
you. The five reasons above should be enough to push you to your next job fair. I suggest you
take immediate action to get prepared! Good luck!
Will you take action on for the next Job Fair you attend? Leave us comments below if you have
further questions and don’t forget to subscribe to receive our weekly Job Tip Blogs!

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