Job Fair Tips: Are You Asking Potential Employers The Right Questions?

Posted by Drew Burke on Apr 1, 2020 1:34:45 PM
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Job Fair Tips: Are You Asking Potential Employers The Right Questions?


 Most students go to their first job fair at the age of 18 with very little knowledge about what to expect.  It can be a very stressful and nervous time for many and for good reason.  Many students think, “How can I stand out amongst hundreds of other students?” and “I don’t know these companies too well. What do I even say to them?”  While these are valid concerns, they can be easily resolved with these helpful tips.

 Asking questions to possible future employers will not only impress them at the job fair, but can benefit you in the future if you choose to pursue a job at that company.  By asking the right questions, you resonate in their minds, and when you reach out after the job fair, they’ll remember exactly who you are.  First off, it is very important to research the companies that you're potentially interested in.  Having knowledge about them and how they run then allows you to ask questions pertaining to roles in their company.  This will not only make them realize that you came prepared, but it will also have them thinking about who holds that current position, or if it’s open. Do you have the qualifications to fill it?

 Another question you can ask is what their current short term goals are. Asking this simple question shows them that you are invested in the company's future.  If you are able to communicate how beneficial you can be to achieving those goals, they will keep you in mind.  Another very important question you can ask is about their hiring process, specifically  how it works and the timeline.  Questions like these show the company that you are interested in coming aboard and are not just some college student aimlessly participating in a job fair. 

These are just a few examples of questions to ask at the job fair.  Although there are many important questions, these select few are going to make sure that your face and name do not get forgotten.  When it comes to reaching out to them post job fair, they’ll remember that you were the student who stood out, and you may just reap the rewards of that.


Do you have any job fair questions that have garnered success? Be sure to share them below!


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