How to get an Informational Interview

Posted by Sarah Mitchell on Apr 2, 2020 1:43:32 PM


How to get an Informational Interview

An informational interview is just a conversation between you and someone who is working at a job or position where you may want to work. This interview can only help you find your dream job, so don’t stress too much over it. You can get more information about networking here! Remember, this is not a job interview, it is job research!


How do you get an informational interview? - First you want to make a list of companies that you really want to work for and the job position that you are interested in. Look for someone who has your dream job, so you will get the most out of the interview. Don’t look for someone who is super high up in the company, they might not have enough time to talk to you. Instead, look into talking to someone who is a director of a smaller company, you could probably learn much more talking to them. If you can find someone who has went to your college then that is a big plus. They may be more likely to talk to you. For more on informational interviews, check this out.



What are some steps to get an informational interview? - Ask for help! People love to feel like they are helping other. Start by saying “I’d love for your help.” Next, make sure what you are asking for is very specific, so it is easier for the person to accept your offer. You can literally say, “I would be happy to take you for a quick coffee so I can hear your perspective about how you got your start in your industry and what it’s like to work at your company.”

Then you should make sure they know how interested you are in their career path. Let them know why you are specifically reaching out to this person. Don’t forget to make it personalized!


Don’t forget to be considerate. They are making time for you. Make sure you understand that they are busy, and thank them!


Lastly, don’t forget to follow up with them. Make sure you are persistent because they might not get back to you right away. Don’t worry, these people are very busy, and it can be easy for them to forget. If it’s been a week, send out another email to them and just politely ask if they can help. Make sure to keep in touch and thank them for their amazing advice! Look here for more information about follow-ups after your interview.


This can be a nerve-racking process. Don’t worry! There are many steps that you can take to calm your nerves. Check out this link that shows you how to calm your nerves:


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