Ways Vision Boards Can Help you Develop Professional Skills with a Step by Step Walk-through.

Posted by Valerie Koppang on Oct 29, 2019 11:57:30 AM

What is a Vision Board?

Vision boards are a way to represent goals and concepts by using images and words to present those ideas. This representation can help both you and the organization you work with succeed.


How can it help you?

A vision board, especially one displayed after presentation, reinforces and revisits goals set by you or your organization. It helps to motivate, focus and reinforce your ideas and plans.


Steps to create a Vision Board.

  • Step 1- Define your Goal.

Defining your goal gives you the theme you need to complete your vision board. Your goal is very important because it is what you want to communicate through your vision board.

  • Step 2- Decide to either collaborate with others by networking or create your board individually.
Is this an individual goal or is it a group effort? Since you already have your goal defined, working with a group will become a little easier. In a professional environment, group work helps with networking as the shared effort and ideas create a unified team
  • Step 3- Gather your Supplies.
Your vision board can be as creative as you want or it can be a simple collage of your ideas. Your supplies are going to be a poster board, glue, pictures, words and markers. You can get pictures and words from a magazine or the internet. Just make sure they relate to your topic or idea. This is a perfect team bonding experience as vision boards are a very hands on and artistic representation of your goals.
  • Step 4- Set a Time.
It is important to give you or your team at least an hour of focus on your board.
  •  Step 5- Create.

It’s time to take all of those supplies that you gathered earlier and put them into a collage. Every image, word, quote or phrase enhances your idea and reinforces the goal.

  • Step 6- Reflect and Present

Present your vision board and ask yourself the following questions…Did your board relay your ideas? Did others understand your vision? Did you feel you were selling yourself along with your ideas? How can you improve for your next vision board?

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