Tips to Avoid Burning Out During Your Job Search

Posted by Kennon Blum on Oct 29, 2019 11:32:21 AM

We all know what it means to take a break; to take time for yourself, and recharge before you continue on your journey. Did you know how important it is for your health? Working too hard can lead to a burn out, which can stall your job search process. Searching for your dream job can be stressful. Also, creating the perfect resume or perfecting your LinkedIn profile takes time. But despite this, it’s also important to take some time for yourself. 


Finding yourself overwhelmed and tired is never how you should feel when looking for a job. Searching for a job is an exciting experience, but sometimes you can’t help but feel tired after hours of searching and resume building. When we get tired, stressed performance decreases. Here are some tips to wake up, fight off an oncoming “burn out”, and return with a fresh mindset. 

1. When researching for long periods of time, take a short break.

Taking incremental breaks between searches will keep your mind fresh. One way to recharge is to watch a short clip on YouTube, or practice some breathing exercises. 

 2. Watch something to lift your spirits.

If you’ve been working for a while and feel like you’re getting nowhere with your job search, humor is a great way to unwind. HelpGuide article “Laughter is the Best Medicine” explains that laughter can relax your body for up to 45 minutes. Watching a humorous clip, looking at some internet memes, or watching an episode of your favorite stand up comedy is an excellent way to relax. But always remember to time yourself so you don’t get off track. 

3. Exercise helps increase productivity.

If you find yourself sitting for too long, instead of watching a movie, get some exercise. The web is filled with studies that show productivity and motivation can be increased by approximately 40% when subjects got back to work after hitting the gym. 

Taking a small break to shed some of that pent up stress can help you make strides in your job search. You may even come back with some new ideas and new perspectives. So go on and take a little time for yourself and soon enough you’ll return to work with a clear mindset. 

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