Tips for Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Graham Hays on Apr 17, 2019 2:08:19 PM

Your LinkedIn profile is an online representation of yourself that employers will often see before meeting for the first interview. Like a first impression, it is important that your LinkedIn showcases the abilities and persona you would like employers to see.


Personalizing Your Profile

  1. Professional Photograph: A high-quality, well-dressed photograph helps develop a sense of authenticity over the web. Using no picture or an old, unfocused one can look like a fake Facebook profile.
  2. Connect: The more connections you make on LinkedIn, the stronger your profile will be. You can connect with peers, mentors or people in your community to begin building your network.
  3. Current/Relevant Index: As with a resume, LinkedIn profiles should display relevant and current experiences. Making an index between these two characteristics can help you measure the importance of an old job with similar experience, or a recent job with little relevance to highlight on your profile.ProfessionalPhoto

Using these tips, you can begin to create and build your online professional reputation. Remember to look professional, network with other professionals, and stay current and relevant in order to maintain a strong LinkedIn profile.

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