Tips and Tricks To Impress Any Employers

Posted by Brianna Plotts on Mar 30, 2022 1:33:53 PM

When you begin to emerge into your early adulthood one of the main things you will be doing is looking for a stable job. Being subjected to the interview process can be quite nerve-racking and a lot to approach. But there are tips and tricks you can learn to nail the interview. Below are tips and skills that will help you stand out from all the other candidates. 

Why you need to have an amazing interview 

Throughout your life you will be going on countless interviews, you might as well leave an everlasting impression on the employers. The tips below will help calm your nerves and make sure you are well prepared throughout the interview process. 

  • Interviewing Tips

When interviewing it is best to refrain from certain words such as "um" and "like".  Using words such as "like" and "um" can make you sound unprofessional or not confident in what you have to say during the whole interview. Using filler words while interviewing coils gives the employer that you are not prepared for the interview. Some ways to advise using filler words is to be aware of what you are saying and pay attention to every word you say. Being on time is one of the most important things you could do when going to an interview. Showing up early to an interview shows that you are responsible and have a positive first impression. Being on time for the interview will not only impress the employer, but it will give you plenty of time to compose yourself and go over all your information again. You must always put into consideration the possible traffic time you might encounter and give yourself some extra room in case you get lost. Having the possibility of being late will only cause you more stress, so the easiest way you can help calm some nerves is to make sure you show up to the interview early. Being prepared to bring your resume and any business cards you have is crucial to bring with you to the interview. Also, you should prepare before the interview by researching the company. Showing that you know information about the company will ensure that you are interested in the company and are serious about the position you are applying for. 

  • Body Language

Sitting up straight will show the interviewer that you are attentive and want to have a conversation with them. It is also important not to cross your arms, it will make you seem closed off and will give the wrong impression to the employer. Even if the interview is for a position you are not the most interested in you should always seem genuinely interested and grateful for the opportunity they are giving you. Constantly looking around the room will make you seem like you are interested in everything else happening besides the interview. Keeping good eye contact with a smile on your face will make the employer feel you are confident and ready to take on the job. During the interview, it is fine to use some hand gestures but refrain from doing too much. You should try your best to not fidget, such as shaking your leg, tapping your finger on the table, or playing with something such as a pencil during the interview. This could be a sign to the employer that you are not as confident during the interview and could also distract the interviewer during the conversation. 

  • Interviewing Questions That Might Be Asked 

One of the most popular questions during interviews is "tell me about yourself". This question is often very hard for people to answer since they aren't sure what to say. It is important to talk about your past work experience during this time. Make sure you have this question rehearsed and ready before the interview you will be ready. Another question often asked is "what are your biggest weaknesses/ strengths". For this question, you want to explain your strength that you know would be beneficial for the company to show you are well qualified. For the weaknesses, a good way to turn them around is by talking about how your weaknesses can be turned into strengths over time with the company. The last question that could be asked during the interview is "out of all the candidates, why should we hire you". This is your time to showcase all the skills and work experience you have gathered over the years. You need to share what sets you apart from other candidates and how your skills or experiences would make you the best fit for the position. 

  • Asking Informed Questions

During the interview, you should make sure to ask informed questions. Some good questions you could ask the employer are "what does a typical day look like in this job position", "why did you come to this company", "what has been your favorite part of working for the company". These questions show you are interested and willing to learn more about the company and the position. Usually, during the interview, there will come a time when the employer will ask you if you have any questions. It is best to be prepared with some questions to show you want to learn more and have been attentive during the whole conversation. During the whole interview, you should be maintaining a two-sided conversation, where both you and the employer are contributing to the conversation. The employer is just as interested in learning about you, as you are in learning about the company. Showing that you can hold a solid conversation with somebody will be very beneficial when they start considering you for the position. 

  • Follow Up 

Once the interview is over, one of the most important things you should do is send a follow-up thank you letter. Sending the letter to the employer will show how grateful you were for the opportunity and explain to them again how great of a fit you would be for the position and the company. After sending your thank you letter and you haven't heard back from anyone it is a good idea to send another follow-up letter to remind the employer of the interview you had and how interested you are in the job position. It is important to not send too many emails, so if you do not receive an email after this one it is best to let it go and continue your job search. After the interview, it is important to never just completely ghost the company. You should still follow up with the company and thank them for their time and the opportunity they have given you. By them willing to sit down with you gives you a great interview experience as the practice is always very beneficial for you. 

Know it's time to prove you deserve the job.

Going into an interview can be stressful, but there are ways to prepare for success. With all of the tips and tricks that have been shared, you will be able to take on any interview. From the steps on how to fully prepare for the interview. To use basic speaking tips, potential questions, and proper responses during the interview, And following up the interview.  If you adhere to the steps I have provided you will be more than prepared to be the best candidate interviewing for the job. For more information visit or for any additional questions you can contact us at





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