Three reasons why you shouldn’t use a resume template

Posted by Millie Goodwin on Mar 29, 2023 4:00:51 PM

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Many platforms have resume templates. Canva, Word, Google Docs, and many other word processors create these templates to attempt to create a broad base that will work for everyone. They make the resume-making process easier in theory but also can inhibit the job-hunting process.

Is everyone the same?

The truth is though, while these platforms make a good base, some people are different. And everyone has different needs in a resume, that these basic models cannot adequately provide. Templates are inflexible, unoriginal, and even can be confusing.

1. Your resume needs to fit you and your needs

Templates may not include all of the things that you have done and are hard to adjust for individuals. Word and Docs specifically do not allow for much flexibility in their templates, and as a result, some things may be left out because there is no space for them. Templates limit your ability to fully show your true self to employers before they even meet you, and in the long term will inhibit you. 

2. You will blend in 

The resume templates are not just used by one person, and hiring managers are likely to see multiple of the same template. Many of these templates are used with the intention to stand out, but when it is a template on a popular site, it will be used by many people, completely losing the individuality that someone was hoping to get. Resumes are part of how you sell yourself to a job, and when you look like everyone else, or even just one other applicant, you no longer stand out.

3. Templates cannot properly be scanned by Applicant Tracking Systems

Many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems which scan the resume for information, such as your education history, past jobs, and accomplishments. However, some templates with designs and different fonts cannot be properly scanned for this info and can confuse the software that many hiring managers use. As a result, your resume may not make it to the desk of the hiring manager. Up to 75% of resumes are rejected because they cannot be scanned, and using a template can increase your odds of being a part of that 75%.  

For the best results: Make your own resume

In order to avoid the problems that come with using these templates, you can make your own resume using Word, Google Docs, and Canva. When you make your own resume, you are showing an employer you have the ability to come up with your own ideas, are a stand-out applicant, and most importantly, your resume will be able to even get to the hiring manager's desk.

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