The Way You Dress Can Make or Break a Deal.

Posted by John Thomas on Mar 30, 2022 1:12:51 PM

3 Reasons why you Should Dress for Success

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The ever-changing dress trends and standards might be difficult to keep up with. But don’t let that trendy crop top sitting in your closet or favorite hat set you back when getting dressed to make a lasting first impression in the workplace. 

The first thing a person will evaluate you on is your appearance and the way you carry yourself. Don’t try and fool yourself, you do it too. The human mind is wired to examine someone they are meeting first by looking at the way they dress. 


  • First Impressions 

First impressions mean a lot, not only in your everyday life but especially in the business world. The first interaction with someone can reveal a lot of information about that person within the first few minutes. The first impression can either pave the way for opportunities down the road, or it can close many doors. One way that you can always remember to be conscious of your appearance and body language is to pretend as if you are famous, walking down the street with paparazzi all around you. You want to look your best for the pictures, right? 


How personal style reflects your personal brand 


  • Personal Hygiene & Grooming 

The first step to getting on track to dress for success is your attire, the second step, which is almost as important is your hygiene. Who wants to hire someone who doesn’t take care of themselves? If you don’t, your employer might assume you will have the same lack of care for your work as you do for yourself. 


You’re probably asking yourself, “How to I ensure I am properly groomed?”. It is easy, just follow these steps. 



  1. Maintain a clean shave.  
  2. Maintain a clean, professional haircut. (Dreadlocks wouldn’t be my top choice) 
  3. Wear deodorant 
  4. Pick a cologne that you think smells good but is not too overpowering. 



  1. Make sure your hair is brushed and styled nicely. 
  2. Make sure your makeup is kept professional (no bold eyeshadow colors). For starters, I would keep it as natural-looking as possible. 
  3. Pick a perfume that is subtle, and makes you feel comfortable. 


I have included to choose a perfume because smell is an extremely powerful part of human biology. Your scent is a way that others can remember you, and people also can be quick to make judgments about you depending on the way you smell. Therefore, when getting dressed in the morning don’t forget your favorite accessory, perfume/cologne. 


Need help picking out a scent? 


  • The power your appearance has on your mind

Did you know that the way you are dressed can have an impact on your productivity and the productivity of others around you? When dressed down, or in casual wear, studies have shown that efficiency and production levels are at an extreme low compared to when dressed in formal wear. 


Your attire can dramatically affect your mental health as well as boost your confidence levels. When dressed nicely, a sudden change in confidence can occur the moment you button the last button on your dress shirt, zip up your dress, or put on a pair of high heels. 


For example, if you were to walk into a restaurant wearing a nice suit or dress you would feel ten times more confident than you would if you were to walk in wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. 


Others will also treat you differently when you are dressed nicely. 


Style Guide: Find the perfect wardrobe for your job. 


In the end, appearance does not change your heart and soul but can make an impact on the challenges you face. There is more than showing up to that job interview or submitting a resume. Making sure you dress the part and present yourself how you want others to view you is important in everything you do. Whether you are entering an interview or meeting with a millionaire investor. People are going to treat you based on the way you present yourself to them. 


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