The Keys Needed To Rock Your Phone Interview

Posted by Yosef Sisay on Apr 2, 2020 1:46:38 PM

The Keys Needed

To Rock Your Phone Interview


You have attended a job fair, made connections and impressions, chances are some of the companies you met want to learn more about you. If so, they might ask you to participate in a phone interview. First, you must understand the purpose of phone interviews. The recruiter wants to narrow down the number of incoming job applicants and they want the absolute best to bring in for face to face interviews. This can be nerve wracking because most students have never done a phone interview throughout their entire existence! Luckily, you have ample time to prepare for the interview. By taking the right steps you can build the confidence to rock any phone interview and score in-person interviews!

Let’s get started!

  1. The Perfect Candidate 

The interviewer wants to feel you are the perfect fit for the job. Prepare to tailor your answers, questions and know how to the position and company. The perfect candidate. . . 

  • Makes a good first impression 
  • Knows the job description/knows exactly what they are applying for  
  • Prepares questions to ask the interviewer 
  • Knows how the company is doing currently and what they are working on 
    1. Questions  
  • Phone interviews are usually not over fifteen minutes and include a common set of questions. These can be questions like, 

    • “What are your strengths?” 
    • “What are your weaknesses?”
    • “Where do you see yourself in five years?”  or even something as simple as . . . 
    • “Tell me about yourself.”

    Anticipate these kinds of questions by doing research and preparing some answers.  

    1. Cheat Sheet 
  • Chances are you may find yourself drawing a blank during the interview. To remedy this instance, write down answers to the questions you researched and make sure you research a lot of them! As many as possible! Now if you are asked a question you did not specifically prepare for, that is okay! If you did enough research, you should be able to improvise a suitable answer. Keep your answers visible on paper during your phone interview so you may reference them at any point. Also write down the questions you have for the interviewer.   

    1. First impressions  
  • This part is all about energy. Treat the phone interview just like you would a regular one. The interviewer will be able to read things about your attitude and energy based on the tone of your voice. To avoid sounding uninterested, rude, and overall unfit follow these steps

    • - Get a full night's rest. 
    • - Eat a filling breakfast/drink coffee something to wake you up.
    • - Brush your teeth and shower.  
    • - Dress nice, even if they cannot see, you will feel more confident fully dressed instead of in pjs. 
    • - Talk with a smile.
    • - Eliminate distractions by finding a quiet space to talk in. 
      1. Listen, DO NOT interrupt
    • Take your time when answering questions. Allow yourself 2-3 seconds before answering to ensure the interviewer is done asking the question. It is always awkward when you both talk at the same time. Less talking more listening.

      1. End on a positive note
    •  Keep the same energy you had during the interview at the end. Thank the interviewer for their time but keep it short and sweet. “Thank you for speaking with me, enjoy the rest of your day!” done.  

      1. Follow up/Thank you note
    •  Send a detailed and thoughtful thank you card or email to your interviewer to show your appreciation and say you enjoyed the interview. Give them the sense that you are already committed to the company. Reiterate highlights of your conversation. Do not send them a whole BCR, keep it short and sweet.


      Question examples found here. . . 

    • Good luck with your interview! 


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