The Importance of Researching a Company Before Interviewing

Posted by Rebecca Oberman on Apr 2, 2020 1:45:23 PM

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The Importance of Researching a Company Before Interviewing

Going into any interview whether it is for an internship or a career is nerve-racking and can be overwhelming. The best way to stay calm during an interview is to follow these steps and learn how to research a company. Knowing the importance of researching a company and how to research a company can make you appear prepared, educated, and initiative during the interview.


Researching a company before interviewing with them will make you appear to them as a prepared candidate for the internship/career that you are seeking. This will show the interviewer that you have put extra time into this interview by preparing before going into it. While preparing for the interview you can write yourself notes about the company and questions that you plan to ask the interviewer during the interview. Having these notes with you can remind you of things to talk about during the interview that you were too nervous to remember without them. Conversation can flow much more smoothly when you anticipate where it is going.


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You will appear more educated to the interviewer if you conduct research about the company before interviewing with them. Having prior knowledge of the company will allow you to not be blindsided going into the interview, if they were to ask questions about the company and/or how you align yourself with the company’s values. Doing your homework about the company prior to the interview will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident about your answers to these types of questions.


Taking the initiative to research a company before interviewing with them will show them that you would be likely to show the same initiative if the company were to assign you a task. This makes you appear to them as a self-starting hardworking individual. They know that they will not have to guide you through everything that you do because you will take initiative to find a way to complete the tasks.


Doing research prior to interviewing with a company will provide you with more information to talk about during the interview, allow you to not be blindsided during the interview, and help you gain more internships/careers that you desire.

Researching a company prior to interviewing with them.

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