The Best 6-Step Guide to Developing a Successful Elevator Pitch

Posted by Gavin Roeder on Apr 1, 2020 1:53:56 PM

The Best 6-Step Guide to Developing a Successful Elevator Pitch 

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During the job interview process, a company may ask for an elevator pitch to learn more about you! This may be in either video form or over the phone. It’s crucial that you use your elevator pitch to stand out from the competition!  Some people may find an elevator pitch confusing or even difficult to start. Showcasing yourself to a company for the first time may even be freighting experience but worry not, this 6-step guide to developing the best elevator speech is here! Just follow these steps and keep them in mind when you're ready to start creating your own elevator pitch! 


  • Step 1: Know Yourself
  • Before you start drafting and writing your pitch, really take all your goals into consideration. Understand what strengths you will showcase to the company looking to hire you. Take the time to evaluate what skills or benefits you can bring to the company looking to hire you. 


  • Step 2: Put Yourself in the Right Environment
  • Whether you're filming a video or presenting your pitch over the phone, make sure you're in the right surroundings. When filming an elevator pitch video, take your appearance and the background of the video into consideration. By putting yourself in a quiet environment, your video or phone call will be clearer for the interviewer to hear and understand. Putting yourself in the right environment is crucial to portraying professionalism. 


  • Step 3: What Do You Offer? 
  • When developing your elevator pitch, it’s important to highlight your values to properly introduce yourself to the company. Stay humble when showcasing your skills and the things you do well, but also be expressive when highlighting your attributes. 


  • Step 4: What Makes You Unique? 
  • Consider all the reasons why you are unique and how you differ from everyone else. Now is the time to let your personality be known. Employers are looking for someone who has confidence; take this time to showcase your key qualities. 


  • Step 5: Tell A Story 
  • Separate yourself from the competition by providing a story of a real-life experience you've encountered, and relate it to your pitch in a way that an employer can follow. An employer will take interest in your shared experience and consider it when making the hiring decision.  


  • Step 6: Call to Action 
  • End your pitch with a call to action by letting the employer know that you're ready to get to work. By expressing how passionate and eager you are to start, you immediately stand out from the competition. 


Now that you have all the steps needed, it's time for you to go make your own pitch! If you need any additional information on this topic check out some of these links!

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We would love to hear your thoughts! What other tips can you share about creating or defining an elevator pitch? Leave your comments below. 




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