Technology's Made the Job Searching & Recruitment Process More Bearable

Posted by Lily Doege on Mar 29, 2023 3:59:06 PM

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As technology continues to advance, the job searching and recruitment process just keeps getting easier. You no longer have to search through newspaper ads, now with just a click of a button, job offers can become available to you. With new apps, social platforms, AI technology, review sites, and so much more, the job searching and recruitment process has become more convenient than ever before.

Why It Matters: Everyone has had or will have to get a job at some point in their lifetime, and now with technology it’s easier than ever before.

Why it matters- Technology has advanced drastically over the years, and has made things such as job searching and recruitment significantly easier. As technology continues to advance, there’s no telling what else could be improved, or what other tasks could be accomplished that have never been done before. 

Job Searching

Job searching used to be quite difficult, but now thanks to technology it doesn’t have to be. Did you know before technology, companies used to promote job opportunities in the newspaper? You can guess that most of the people who were responding to these ads were not the most qualified. Most of the time, even the qualified employees didn’t know what they were getting themselves into, but now that’s no longer a problem! Now there are company and employer review sites, where job seekers can learn more about a company, and decide if they still want to work for them. With new technology, there have been a greater amount of jobs available, and you are not restricted to your area. Now you can look at availability all over the country. If a company wants to hire you they will either pay to move you to their location, or they will allow you to work virtually.

Recruitment & Selection

Before technology, companies would have to talk to several applicants before finally selecting an employee, and they couldn’t guarantee that they were even the right fit for the job. Now when someone applies for a job, they have to take a skills and

behavior assessment, to see if they are qualified for the job. Businesses also don’t have to waste their time talking to every applicant,  with the new AI (artificial intelligence) software. The program will sort through all the resumes and skills/behavior assessments, and identify the best candidates for the job. With new technology, these candidates no longer feel forgotten about. Companies can stay engaged with the candidates by sending automated texts to everyone, during the decision process.

Advantages for Recruitment & Selection

One advantage of new technology in the recruiting and selection process, is it saves a lot of the company's time. They no longer have to go through thousands of resumes, and call hundreds of people, now it’s done before their very eyes. “Time is money” in the business world. With that being said, companies are saving a considerable amount of money, allowing technology to do all of this work for them. Another advantage of letting technology do the recruitment and selection process, is companies no longer have to worry about being biased when selecting an employee. They have never seen or talked to them, but based on their resume and skill/behavior assessment, they were chosen as one of the best candidates for the job. 

Social Media & Apps

With new technology came new apps and social media, which have been a huge benefit in the job search and recruitment process. There are social platforms like LinkedIn, that allow job finders to create a profile, which lists their skills and achievements, and recruiters can reach out to them. LinkedIn also allows recruiters to post job offers, which the jobseekers can respond to. There are also job seeking apps such as Indeed or ZipRecruiter, which show available jobs near you, that you can apply to through the app. It’s also good to have a professional social media platform, where you could post your skills, achievements, goals, etc. You can follow a certain company, and see if they post any ads about job opportunities, or you can just have it to look friendly and professional.


With all the new technology, distance is no longer an issue while job searching or recruiting. Now with just a click of a button, you can send your resume to any company in the world, to be considered for a position. The term ‘global reach’ has also been created with developed technology, now recruiters can look internationally for the best candidate for a company. Having an interview with someone internationally is not a problem either, with Zoom,Skype and Facetime, you can talk “face to face” with whoever you want.


As technology continues to advance, the job searching and recruitment process just keeps getting easier. Businesses no longer have to worry about hiring the right candidate or being biased, because AI technology makes the decision based on their skill sets, abilities, and experience. Technology allows us to work for any company around the world, either in person or virtually, because now job searching is available globally. You can see available job opportunities on social networks, apps, ads, etc. So go for your dream job, distance is no longer an issue!

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