When in Doubt, Pull Your Business Card Out

Posted by George Southworth IV on Mar 29, 2023 3:58:47 PM

"Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark..." (American Psycho, 2000)

Business cards, aside from resumes, are the pinnacle of follow-up discussions with potential customers, teammates, employers, etc. It opens the door for possibilities down the line, and it makes people easier to find. Everything from the creation, design, contact information, and delivery of the card is crucial. Standing out amongst competition may be difficult, but following these tips will put you ahead in your best career in no time. 

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How To Start Your Own Business

Posted by Benjamin Kling on Mar 25, 2021 1:45:43 PM
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Job Searching for Beginners

Posted by Ben Crow on Mar 22, 2021 2:44:21 PM

Job-searching can be a nerve wracking and stressful process, but it shouldn't have to be! OFJS is here to help you through the process and to make finding a job easier than you thought.

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How to Negotiate Your First Salary Out of College [Free Checklist]

Posted by Cory Davis on Apr 2, 2020 1:37:38 PM

How to Negotiate Your First Salary Out of College

Negotiating Your First Salary

So you’ve nailed the interview, impressed your recruiter or hiring managers, and now you’ve got the job. You can stop stressing, right? Soon, but not quite - you still need to negotiate your starting base salary and benefits. This negotiation is more important than you might think and can drastically affect your earnings for the rest of your life. Successfully negotiating a high starting salary means that relatively higher raises will follow. The skills that you’ll learn in this article will teach you the basics of negotiation; a skill you can use throughout your entire life. Negotiation can be scary and uncomfortable - especially when it involves someone that’s going to be paying your bills. However, there is no need to panic. If you know your value and are well prepared, the process of negotiating your salary will be much more comfortable and your boss will notice your confidence and respect you for it.

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Six Steps to Take to Get Ready for a Job Fair

Posted by Heidi Ptack on Mar 31, 2020 1:09:24 PM


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How to start a conversation with a job recruiter?

Posted by Michael Carrasco on Oct 29, 2019 11:37:02 AM

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

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Tips for Success at the Job Fair and Why They Matter

Posted by Shelby Steere on Oct 29, 2019 11:31:49 AM

Are you looking for your dream job? A way to start networking and building professional connections? Make sure to attend a local Job Fair. Job Fairs are an easy (and usually FREE!) way to learn more about different opportunities and network with employers. There are six key tips that will help you make you make the most out of a Job Fair:

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3 Tips on Finding your Dream Job

Posted by Nils Tchougoue on Oct 29, 2019 11:29:59 AM

Tips on Finding your Dream Job: So Easy a College Student Can Do It!

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4 things you need for any Job Fair

Posted by Paula Morris on Sep 9, 2019 1:07:09 PM
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How to Find Networking Opportunities in College

Posted by Rachel Bennington on Apr 17, 2019 2:27:43 PM

Are you in college trying to find a job?

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