Struggling? Here Are Some Tips on How to Succeed on Indeed.

Posted by Andrew Hurst on Apr 24, 2019 2:19:26 PM is now one of the biggest online job boards. Because when it comes to candidates being hired, Indeed delivers. Of course your resume will need to make its way over to this website, but how will you separate yourself from the thousands of other candidates? Here are some of the best tips and advice for posting your resume on Indeed and getting above the rest of the herd.

Resume Research

Conduct research on creating your resume before posting it on Indeed. Find out what skills you have that might be an excellent match for the job you have in mind.

Edit and Proofread Resume

Since the resume will be the first impression with an employer, ask a friend or colleague to review the document for any grammatical errors or typos. Does the resume convey your talents precisely? Do you have the correct contact information? Ask yourself these questions before your resume can be posted.

Find a Good Employer

Now it is time to research companies that match your requirements. Research information such as salaries and employee reviews, and if interested set job alerts for recent openings. On the Job Trends section of the site, you can research the type of job you are searching for by the city. You can find which jobs are popular, and which aren’t.

Set Your Priorities

While patiently waiting for employer responses, make a list of your target prospective employers, and rank your personal priorities. Whether it may be salaries, 401k to relocation assistance or other benefits, start thinking about these priorities and write them down.


Once your resume, priorities, and ideal employer are in mind use the Indeed online search tool. has become more mobile friendly over the years, so searching and applying for jobs is even easier!

These tips are a surefire way to accelerate your job seeking endeavors. Best of luck in your career search. Please reply in the comments section with your own tips for succeeding on indeed!

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