Six Steps to Take to Get Ready for a Job Fair

Posted by Heidi Ptack on Mar 31, 2020 1:09:24 PM



Salisbury University Job Fair

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  • Six Steps to take to get Ready for a Job Fair
    Your first job fair is always nerve wracking, but do not fret. There are many steps to take before attending…
    1. Dress Professionally.
    2. Use Firm Handshakes.
    3. Update Resumes and Business Cards.
    4. Collect pens.
    5. Research.
    6. Manage Time.
    To prepare for any networking event, think ahead and practice. Be confident in yourself and the skills you have to offer a company. The more confident and well prepared you are, the chances of you getting an interview are more likely.

  • Dress Professionally
    What should you wear? What does a professional business outfit look like? Professional attire is a great way to express yourself. It important to dress professional because it presents a visual image and sends a message that you are qualified and serious about your intentions.

  • Use Firm Handshakes
    Is your handshake firm enough? Is it weak? Are you making eye contact when shaking an employer’s hand? A firm handshake is important because it communicates your underlying confidence in yourself and your abilities. A bad handshake could leave a bad first impression. Always be firm and make eye contact when shaking an employer’s hand. If you are unsure about your handshake practice. Practice makes perfect!

  • Update Resumes and Business Cards
    Is your resume up to date? Have you added your most recent experience? Does your business card have all your contact information on it? Updating your resume regularly is a great habit to have. You want to make sure employers know your experience and your most proud accomplishments. This is your chance to sell yourself efficiently to a future employer. Making sure your business card has all contact information is important. Without contact information a company will not be able to reach you. By having multiple contact information listed on your business card employers will not have a problem getting in touch with you.

  • Collect Pens
    Do you have a few pens? Do they work? Are they an appropriate color? Also make sure you have multiple pens handy. It is always safe to have backups. You never know when a pen may run out of ink. Especially at the most important times you want to be sure you have a reliable writing utensil. You need to be prepared to take notes on companies and employers you meet to make sure you remember key information.

  • Research
    Do you know the companies mission statement? Do you know their benefits? Have you looked what positions are currently available? You want to be sure to look up information on the companies you will be talking to. Read about all they have to offer and formulate some questions you may ask. Write these questions down to be sure you do not forget.

  • Manage Time
    Have you set your alarm? How long will it take you to get ready? How far away is the job fair? Always be early! It is important to know these factors before going to bed the night before the networking event. You must always allow time to get yourself together and ready for a job fair. You need to be sure enough time is allowed in case of traffic, parking, showering, anything that could take more time than necessary.

  • Stay positive throughout the whole process! Reflect on your job fair experience after and things that you could have done differently. Maybe make a check list before the networking event to make sure you do not forget anything important. You can learn from your experiences. Figure what worked and what did not and prepare accordingly. This is an opportunity!

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