Reasons Why Social Media is an Important Tool for Job Search and Networking

Posted by Joshua Hastings-Spaine on Mar 30, 2022 2:22:18 PM

Social media is such a big tool and we don’t realize how much we can use it to our advantage. For multiple reasons, social media can be a simple guide on how to connect with others in your respective fields, how to gain knowledge about said fields, and also how to gain more opportunities in these fields as well. When using social media you have to understand the ins and outs of each platform so that you can best succeed in the area that you want to. 


Here are a few reasons on what to do when trying to network on apps such as LinkedIn, Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram and why you should be doing it. 


Reason 1: Be Open 

Letting recruiters and hiring managers that you are open to new roles and new experiences will get you far. When using these apps such as LinkedIn and Twitter you are able to explain what it is you are looking for and what you are open to doing when they ask you questions. Forbes mentions that If you specify the types of positions that you’re interested in and your preferred location, your profile will appear in search results when recruiters look for suitable job candidates.” The goal of this step is to make sure you let them know that you are available and open as much as possible. 


Reason 2: Builds your personal brand 

Connecting with other like-minded people across these social media platforms helps you come off as more professional. When it comes to your professional brand you want to be able to make sure the recruiters and hiring managers get to know all sides of you as well. Your personal brand is what helps sells you when it comes to interviews and applying for said positions. 


Reason 3: Join Groups

When using social media as a tool it can not only help you connect with people on a smaller scale but on a larger one as well. Joining groups that are relevant to your job needs/search is important because people will be able to give you resources and further opportunities if they come across any for you.  By joining these groups you are also letting others know that we all have similar interests. 


Reason 4: Planning 

Planning is important when it comes to networking and job search learning when and what days work best to talk to hiring managers and recruiters is important. Planning also helps you prepare for when you get into the real workforce because that is all you’re going to be doing in the beginning. Another aspect of planning is that when you are getting ready to do these meet-ups with recruiters and hiring managers, you’ll have to plan out what to ask and say during the interviews. It is better to be prepared than to not show up with any questions or comments at all. 


Reason 5: Showing Personality 

Social media also helps you stand out from other candidates. When it comes to networking and job search and building your own personal brand you are able to create the profile you want so that jobs and recruiters can come to you. Recruiters and hiring managers like it when future candidates have a little personality that separates them from other people. The Muse states that if you show personality it is also much easier to connect with the people who are interviewing you or trying to recruit you as well. 


At the end of the day, it is important to utilize these steps so that you will be able to get the best job possible in your respective field. 

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