Public Enemy #1: Public Speaking

Posted by Genevieve Kurtz on Jun 1, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Yes, today I am going to talk about, he that should not be named, public speaking. While that was a rather clever intro to this topic, we all know that if I tried to deliver that witty banter in front of a crowded classroom, it wouldn’t be the joke people are laughing at. During my time at university, public speaking is something I always ran into. Whether it was simply saying an answer aloud or giving that dreaded class presentation. No matter your major, it is important to understand some key factors when public speaking. Below are five steps to successful public speaking:


Understand your audience - This way you can alter your tone and word choice.

Start with an attention getter - This will peak their interest and keep them focused.

Take a breath or pause when needed - It is better to adjust than to rush.

Know your topic - Do research, so that you can go off script if needed.

Practice! - Not everyone is a natural speaker and practice is what makes perfect.


Now, imagine all the courses offered to you at your college or university. Chances are there is at least one course specifically for public speaking, which every student can take. This one course can help you excel in several other classes pertaining to your major, and even to the professional field. Good public speakers are an asset to companies, and simply taking a course that gets you outside your comfort zone can set you apart from so many others. If I could change just one thing about my university experience, it would be taking a public speaking course. Why not take the fear out of something and push yourself to make the best of a situation!

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