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Posted by Riley Deacon on Mar 29, 2023 3:55:40 PM

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Have you ever been caught off guard in an interview when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions or felt like the questions you have are no good? If so, this blog article is for you!

The more you ask the more you receive!

Why does asking good questions matter? The questions you ask at the end of the interview can make or break you to the interviewer. Thought provoking questions and insightful questions that give the interviewer a sense of how you differ from the rest of the candidates are important to ask at the end of the interview. On the other hand, dull yes or no questions can show the interviewer that you are not serious about the job and that you were not prepared for the interview in the first place. Also, according to the theory of recency bias interviewers remember the end of the interview better than the rest, so if you can ask strong questions that give insight into how you will be as an employee it will stick in their mind and should give you an advantage among other candidates. Not only are you asking questions to show the interviewer a little bit about yourself, but you should also ask questions to learn more about the company that you will potentially be working for. Asking questions like this could help let you know if you are the right fit for the job and if you want to pursue the company based upon their values and how they treat employees. In this article I will go over different types of questions you can ask that will help you learn more about the company as well as set yourself apart from the rest.

Questions to help you see if this job is the right fit for you.

What would a day in this job look like? (This gives you an idea of day-to-day tasks, it helps let you know if this is something that you will be able to handle but more importantly want to handle on a day-to-day basis.)

What would I be expected to accomplish in my first year at the job? (This lets them know that you plan to stick around for at least a year and not just leave right away, as well as allows you to see what expectations they have for you.)

What are the most important characteristics of someone who would succeed in this role and how can I exemplify them? (This question gives you more information on the skills and attributes you will need to succeed while also showing that you are coachable and interested in learning/bettering yourself.)

Questions to gauge company treatment of employees.

What do you like best and least about working here? (While you may not always get an honest answer for this question it can help you feel out whether the company treats its employees fairly and if they are happy there.)

How would you describe the company culture and what are its most important values? (This question allows you to see what the company teams will be like as well as what will be pushed in the day today setting where you could potentially be working.)

What was the hardest part of learning your job and what resources did you have to guide you? (This question lets you understand about the learning curve that is needed for this position as well as if they had mentors in place to show you the ropes.)

Questions to gauge benefits and perks.

How do you assist employees with work life balance? (With work life balance being a selling point for any good job, this question allows you to feel out how often and for how long you will be working on a weekly basis as well as what they do to combat burnout from overworking.)

What benefits and perks does the company offer? (This question outright asks some of the benefits that you will be receiving if you are hired, this should let you know if the benefits offered will cover your needs regarding health care, dental, vision, and 401k plans.)

Does the company offer any career development opportunities? (This question shows them that you plan on staying with them for an extended period of time and helps you gauge whether this is just a job or a viable career for you.)

Questions to set yourself apart.

Would you mind taking me for a brief tour after this interview is over? (This question will surely stick out in the interviewer's head as it is almost never asked after an interview. It also allows you to leave the interview room and get more comfortable with the interviewer in a relaxed and less stressful setting.)

What did you see in my resume that made you want to interview me? (This question is good because it lets you gauge what is working on your resume and can give ideas of what you might want to change in the future. It also helps reiterate your strong points in the interviewer’s head.)

What is one way that I could set myself apart from the rest of the employees if I get this job? (This question lets them know that you are a go getter and that you want to blow the competition away.)

Questions to set yourself apart and gauge how you did in the interview.

What are the next steps after this interview? (This question lets the interviewer know that you are looking ahead and that you are serious about this job prospect and pursuing it once the interview ends.)

Based on the interview what would you say are some of my strengths/weaknesses. (This question is another good way to gauge what the interviewer thinks of you and helps gives you constructive criticism for you to work on next time.)

Do you think I would be a good a good candidate for this position and if not, what can I do to improve? (This question helps you gauge what the interviewer thinks of you and can give you a better sense of if you will be hired or not. Many interviewers may lie here even if they don’t think you would be a good fit, so it is important to take what they say with a grain of salt so you don’t get your hopes too high just to be let down in the future.)

Strong Questions Strong Results!

Now that you have some good potential questions under your belt, the next step is to pick a few questions from this list and decide what your goals are, and which questions help you best achieve those goals. The infographic below breaks down these questions into five categories. Use these categories to isolate the questions you think are most important and then write them down on a note sheet and bring them with you to your interview to ask as needed! If you use any of these questions you will most definitely be setting yourself apart from the competition and strengthening your name in the eyes of the recruiter. Don't just be another candidate, give the recruiter something to remember and don’t forget strong questions equals strong results! Now get out there and get the job of your dreams!


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