Want to get an Interview? Start with a Good Cover Letter

Posted by Nicole Demchuk on Mar 30, 2022 12:56:03 PM

Finally, you have found your dream job and you are ready to apply. As you are submitting your resume you see "attach a cover letter (optional).” You do not have a cover letter prepared but it's optional. So, do you really need to include one?  

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The 3 Most Daunting Job Interview Questions and the Keys to Answer Them

Posted by Robert Goyena on Mar 30, 2022 12:45:40 PM

So your resume has made a splash, your company research has allowed you to make great talking points, and your outfit screams success in the making; but how do you seal the deal from there? It starts with being prepared for some of the toughest yet widespread questions to answer during the interview.

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Soar into a career you didn't study in college

Posted by Abbey Thoner on Mar 30, 2022 12:41:57 PM


Think you’re in too deep to change your major or career path? Or maybe you’re still in high school trying to figure out what to pursue after graduation. No one should have to think about the rest of their lives in 4 short years. Here’s how to relieve some of that pressure and seamlessly transition into a new professional direction.

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Unhappy in your career? Maybe it’s time to start over!

Posted by christopher cazares on Mar 30, 2022 12:39:58 PM


Starting over can seem like such a scary idea but we're here to let you know that it doesn't have to be!

Believe it or not, wanting to start over in your career is a natural part of life and a lot more common than you might think. 

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Make Your Life Easier By Getting A Personal Business Card

Posted by Larenai Swann on Mar 30, 2022 12:35:17 PM

Have you ever been to a job fair and forgotten to print your resume? Or found your resume to be a hassle when carrying it around? You should opt for an easier option, a personal business card. This can replace the bother of carrying around a portfolio and introduce the ability to give out your contact information quickly and simply while creatively branding yourself.

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5 Networking Tips to Land Your DREAM JOB!

Posted by Ashley Arter on Mar 30, 2022 12:33:10 PM

Picture this, you’re graduating college, getting ready to go out into the work field but, you do not know where to begin. No matter what kind of job you are looking for, no one wants to waste their time looking for or working a job that they do not absolutely love, so, how do you land that dream job you may ask? Well, in this post, we will be sharing five, easy to follow, networking tips that will put you a step ahead of your competition. Are you ready to stick to that big job interview landing? Grab a notepad and something to write with as you follow along with these ‘need to know’ tips for securing that dream job… Trust me, you’ll want to remember these 😊

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Robots Read Our Resumes, Here’s How To Standout

Posted by Jeffrey Otenasek on Nov 17, 2021 2:35:20 PM

There has never been a better time than now to begin a job search. COVID-19 rocked the American workforce in which unemployment nearly reached historic levels. But vaccines, masks and using common sense has allowed the workforce to begin working from the office once again. Nearly 24%of businesses use AI in hiring and 56% plan on using AI in the future according to forbes.com So, let’s explore how Artificial Intelligence affects applications and resumes to get the upper hand on other applicants.

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Importance of Self Branding And Keeping in Contact With Your Network

Posted by Breanna Tedeschi on Nov 16, 2021 11:07:58 PM


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The Most Important Steps Once You’ve Completed a Job Interview

Posted by Caroline Lendum on Nov 16, 2021 10:51:13 PM


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Job Search Struggles? 5 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Nicholas Hollywood on Nov 16, 2021 9:07:16 PM

In this day and age, we have been very lucky with our access to the internet.  The internet has brought upon LinkedIn for everyone.  This is such a crucial service to use in your job search as well as networking opportunities.  There are so many people that utilize LinkedIn, so it is very easy to struggle to capitalize on the potential presented.  Therefore, follow along on this journey to learn some steps on how to make your LinkedIn profile beneficial in your job search!

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