Need Some Confidence When Applying for a Job? Don’t Worry & Here’s Why

Posted by Brian Reyes on Mar 30, 2022 2:15:30 PM

When applying for a job it is important to be confident. Just showing that you are confident can take you a long way and your employers will also appreciate it. I’m here to talk to you about having confidence when applying for a job and teaching you how to do so. Throughout the blog not only will you learn the importance of confidence as a whole but what steps to take to become confident while applying to jobs.  

How To Become Confident  


It is okay to not be perfect. You first have to accept that you can’t be perfect and understand that no one will ever be. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and believe in yourself. Maybe some of your weaknesses are hard to overcome but that's okay. You have to understand that the job you are applying to will understand that not everyone is perfect. Try to start building confidence and go out there with the mentality that you are the best and you know that you will do a good job. 


Don’t Be Overly Confident 

As said before, go into the job search and interview process thinking that you are the best but never have the mentality that you are too good for something. Always remember to be humble but have a good mindset about it.  




How To Use Your Confidence  


If you were to go into a job interview, go in there thinking that you will get hired. Repeat to yourself “You got this! You will do good!”.  Believe in yourself, that is the main thing when trying to be confident. Too many times in life you will face adversity, whether it is society telling you that you are not good enough for this job or even yourself. You can be your biggest enemy, but you must overcome anything that is trying to hold you back. Jack Kelly, a senior contributor for Forbes magazine states “You’d think that managers would want an applicant that checks off all the boxes relative to the job description. The reality is that the boss wants to hire a person who they feel is a positive, motivated, enthusiastic, and can-do person who gets things done.”. Bring positivity and motivation and you will get hired. 


Look For Jobs That You Know You would Excel In  


Try and look and apply for jobs you know that you would be good in. Jobs that emphasize and highlight your strengths are the jobs you will go into with more confidence. OFJS can help you find a job where you will excel in and give you so many opportunities, but the rest is on you, use your confidence and believe in yourself.  





Reflect On Your Accomplishments 


Think back to your accomplishments or memories of you overcoming diversity and use that to your advantage. Your past can still help you in the present day and thinking about moments of yourself winning will help you feel good. Focus on yourself and not any failures you may have encountered in your past. The future is all yours, do not let your past define you or your future endeavors. You must have confidence in yourself and to help obtain that, use your past experiences. 

Your confidence is a key factor in your success. Go into everything with confidence, especially getting a job after college. You will succeed and you will not fail. Always keep that mentality. Believe in yourself and you will achieve whatever you want to. I believe in you and those around you believe in you too.

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