Marketing Yourself Based On Your Personality

Posted by Helen Martin on Apr 2, 2020 1:42:06 PM


Knowing your personality type is not only crucial to the job search process, but also to your self-awareness and how you interact with others. Don’t know where to research yourself? Check out this page.

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Once you gain a better understanding of yourself, you should jot down some of your strengths and weaknesses. Highlight strengths that could be of interest to potential employers and try including them on a resume or in an interview. You can read more about selling yourself here. Try to incorporate your individual strengths into these tips too. 

Along with your strengths, you want to understand your weaknesses as well. Notice where you fall short and what is preventing you from doing your best. How can you turn those weaknesses into your advantages? This article gives great examples on how to address weaknesses during an interview. 

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses are just as important as understanding your communication skills with potential coworkers and bosses. Communication has a huge factor on how well you work with others and it’s important to understand what kind of communication works best for you. Once you know your preferred method of communication, don’t be afraid to ask about the workplace environment. This way, you can get an idea of how you’d fit into your potential new workplace.

Everyone has their unique individuality. Don’t hesitate to embrace it. Keep your self-image true to who you are and go land that job! 

Below is a short video about personality tests in the workplace. 


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