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Posted by Larenai Swann on Mar 30, 2022 12:35:17 PM

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Have you ever been to a job fair and forgotten to print your resume? Or found your resume to be a hassle when carrying it around? You should opt for an easier option, a personal business card. This can replace the bother of carrying around a portfolio and introduce the ability to give out your contact information quickly and simply while creatively branding yourself.


Differentiate your application by creating an amazing first impression with a personal business card.

The professional world can be oversaturated with competition. We all need something that allows us to make us stand out. You can easily carry out a personal business card that tells potential employers or clients about yourself. Ditch the tedious resumes and creatively display your personality with a business card. 


Now you may ask what is a personal business card

A personal business card, like a regular business card, has all your important contact information. It’s a great conversation piece and gives you confidence. Feel empowered while networking with others. It’s a practical way to brand yourself. It’s a great supplemental tool to have but the focus should still be on forming connections with others. Just like so many professionals you admire, it’s a great way to properly represent yourself in a professional setting.


Why do business cards still matter?

They are a way to differentiate yourself from the competition while everything is digital. People can often get lost in emails and online messages. Having a physical deliverable can be more memorable. They are also a form of cheap personal advertising. They are an inexpensive way to stand out. It’s a terrific way to make a first impression. 

Why is it important for you to have one?

They are a creative way to brand yourself, while resumes follow strict guidelines business cards don’t. They act as a call-to-action element. It is a handheld reminder that the person you gave your card to should reach out. They are easily transportable. You no longer have to worry about holding a clunky portfolio around with you. Business cards are small and easy to carry around. They add a personal touch.


How to create a personal business card

The information that should be included: name, email, linked in, QR code, website, number. Include as much information as you can. If you do not have all those things, you should include your name, number, and email address. Create a cohesive color scheme and choose unique fonts. It is a chance to creatively express yourself. The business card should be as visually striking and memorable as you. It should communicate your personality. The shape, orientation, and finishings all can help convey your identity. Having an irregular shaped, or even die-cut, personal business card can make you seem more impressive. Making small changes like rounded corners or a square shape can make a big difference. Having UV spots can highlight certain information. You have full creative control over what your card looks like.


Make sure you edit your business cards

Just like with anything else you write, your business cards must be proofread. Make sure your contact information is correct. You want people to be able to reach you for opportunities. Make sure you include as many details as possible. It makes you look unprofessional when there are mistakes on your business card, and it doesn't represent you well. Present yourself in the best way you can. You can also have multiple business cards for different segments of your life. You can have one promoting your side gigs, like a small bakery business, or your corporate job like an accountant. Each can have specialized information about different parts of your life, so don’t feel like you need to include everything on one card.


See more about how to design your business card:


Set yourself apart from the competition and professionally market yourself with an easily transportable personal business card. Personal business cards are not only visually appealing but extremely practical. You can instantly give out your contact information during a quick conversation. Allow yourself to have more exposure by handing out your business cards. Professionally brand yourself in a fun and creative way! Don’t waste time, create yours now with these fun Canva templates!


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