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Posted by Molly Wilson on Apr 18, 2019 9:43:44 PM


So, you’ve just created a LinkedIn account after filling out the bare minimum. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to be doing now. Let me tell you, creating a goood lookin’ LinkedIn profile is the next thing you need to do. Trust me. All types of people are going to be viewing your profile, and you don’t want to turn away potential connections because of a weak LinkedIn! Don’t worry, if you’re feeling like your profile needs some finishing touches, then you’re in the right place. 

LinkedIn Must Have’s:

  1. A headshot

This can’t just be any picture of you. It should be as professional looking as you can get. Dress as if you were going to an interview and make sure your hair is combed. Bed head is a no-go! Try to have the picture taken in front of a blank background, and without anyone else in the picture. Don’t go crazy with the filters! Add a few touch-ups if necessary, but try to keep it as natural looking as possible.

  1. Make sure you’re contactable

This may seem like a no-brainer. But even though there is a “message” feature in LinkedIn, you still want to make sure your contact information is on your profile somewhere. Not all potential career connections will use the message feature, and would prefer to reach you some other way. Make sure your email is in plain sight!

  1. Put keywords in your “skills” section

Key words help you appear in more searches on LinkedIn. When potential employers are browsing LinkedIn in hopes of finding a suitable employee, they will be using specific keywords in their searches. LinkedIn allows you to add 50 search words in your skills section. Use this to your advantage! Boost those search appearances!

  1. Put specific accomplishments under your past jobs

This is a chance to brag about all of your accomplishments during your other jobs/internships. Just because a potential employer isn’t looking directly at your resume, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take this opportunity to do a little bragging. Did your internship ask you to stay? Put it down. Did you have a chance to show leadership in a previous job/internship? Put it down. Use this opportunity to show potential connections why you’re such a valued worker.

  1. Have “skills” endorsed on your page

So, you’ve mentioned that you’re skilled in “data analysis”. You know what’s even better? Getting endorsed for being skilled in “data analysis”. Having people endorse your skills on LinkedIn proves to potential career connections that you actually are good at what you say you’re good at doing.

While there is an infinite list of tips to give you about LinkedIn, these five really stand out. They focus on making you stand out to the millions of other LinkedIn users. Hope this helped! Good luck!


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