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Posted by Ryan Sohmer on Apr 22, 2019 1:02:57 PM


Do you have a professional presence online?  LinkedIn is the best place to start. Create a profile that reflects your professional image.  Explain where you are in your professional career, and where you would like to go. Show your personal accomplishments,  career highlights, and past education to employers and colleagues. This is your shot at a establishing who you are professionally over a global platform.

Creating your profile

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LinkedIn is very user friendly, the website is basically a template that you fill out and customize on your own.  I know most of you have made a Facebook or Myspace before in your lifetime so I will not bore you with a step by step but I will tell you why it is important. Imagine your LinkedIn profile as your online resume.  You want to show off the things that you have accomplished and promote yourself as a professional. It is imperative that you are honest throughout this process. This is more than just a social website it is your opportunity to pitch yourself to the professional world.

Connections and your web

You can not have too many connections.  The people that you have met throughout your life can help you expand your web of connections.  Lets say your old friend Casey happens to know a recruiter from a company that you may be interested in applying to or want to get an interview with.  Chances are they are already connected on LinkedIn and you will see that Casey is a common connection with said employer. This is a perfect segway into contacting this employer.  Not only can Casey help by being a common connection but Casey can endorse you in different skills that you have.

How to find a job using LinkedIn

Now, I know I have explained how people can find you. Let me explain how to find the job you want.  That search bar up top will be your best friend while searching for a Job. Simply type in a career path and an area and boom, thousands of result of companies that might fit your criteria.  The more specific you get, the better your results. Once you find a few companies that are of interest to you try the company name and add “recruiter” at the end. There should be a name of a person that comes up that you can contact and try to land an interview with.  Another great trick is to add your school’s name after the company to see if any Alumni work there as that is a great way to connect. While communicating with other professionals, remember to be… PROFESSIONAL. Tell them how you are interested in their company and invite them to join your network.  If you are lucky enough to have found an alumni that works at that company do not be afraid to mention that and show a little school spirit ending a message in a “Go Gulls!”

Keep Up with Your LinkedIn

Remember that LinkedIn is a great tool and not something to be idle on.  If you do not check up on new connections, messages and other engagements you could miss out on some very special opportunities.  LinkedIn can help you build your brand but if you are not careful it can also make you appear idle and disengaged with your career development.

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