Job Searching Secret Weapon: The Informational Interview

Posted by Kaylee Payne on Apr 25, 2018 12:29:45 AM

Informational interviews are beneficial when looking for a job. They allow you to speak with someone that is in your specific area of interest so you can learn more about their career path! It’s an informal form of networking that often leads to real interviews. Follow these steps to help you land that informational interview:


  1. LinkedIn and e-mail are great places to start when trying to set up an interview. Whether you contact an Alumni from your University, your neighbor from down the block, or someone who is a connection on LinkedIn, make your message brief. Ask for a few minutes to talk about how they achieved success. REMEMBER to have a strong subject line.
  2. When you line up the interview, make sure you do your research! You need to research the company, the person, and position. Learn some details that will make you appear smart when you chat. Then, stay calm, just think of it as two friends speaking professionally.
  3. ASK QUESTIONS! That is why you are there. There is no wrong question to ask. The other person is there to help you learn more about the career of your choice. Here are some sample questions to ask:
    1. What do you like best about your job?
    2. How should I prepare myself to follow your career path?

ALWAYS end with…

  1. Now that we’ve spent time together, is there anyone else you think I should speak with?

(HINT: We recommend you line up 10 informational interviews. Then, follow through on any additional leads you get from those 10 folks.)

How did it go? Leave a comment below and tell me if our secret weapon worked for you!

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