How to Professionally Write a Thank You Letter

Posted by Kyler Nelson on Oct 11, 2020 9:56:39 PM

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This time of the year, many universities host an annual job fair. While it is important to be prepared before the job fair, there is a step that many people overlook after the job fair…

Thank You Letters

!This is a crucial aspect immediately following a networking event. A huge benefit of sending a thank you letter is that it will help you stand out from many other applicants. The recipient of the letter could even put it on display! Apart from that, there are many other benefits such as it demonstrates professionalism and is also a great way to stay in contact with potential employers.  Now, how exactly do you write a professional thank you letter?

How to write a professional thank you letter in 5 steps:

  1. Give it a personal feel!

Begin the letter by addressing it personally, but professionally. Do not make the letter seem like you are sending the same letter out in bulk. Properly address who is receiving the letter as “Dear Mr. Lastname“or “Dear Firstname”.


  1. Get to the point!

When starting the letter, start off by saying thank you. The point of the message is to say thank you, so don’t put the main point of your letter off. It is important to say thank you in the beginning, and to reiterate it at the end.


  1. Personalize it.

If you can remember specifics about a conversation or aspects you liked about their company while at the networking event, make sure to include that. This adds uniqueness to the letter. In addition, be detailed and specific about what you are thankful for so there is no question or misunderstanding. However, make sure to keep your writing professional.


  1. Conclusion.

When ending your letter, it is important to say thank you again. In addition, include a proper closer such as “Sincerely” or “Best Regards”. At the bottom of the letter, include your contact information so the recipient has a way to contact you back.


As an example:



            John Doe

            247 University St

            Town, MD 67890




  1. Check for proper grammar and spelling mistakes.

You want to make a good impression on the business, and carelessly leaving spelling mistakes or using bad grammar can harm that and your professionalism. If you are not skilled in proofreading, have a friend or family member proofread the message for you.


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