How to Win Them Over in the First 7 Seconds

Posted by Jeff Kerr on Jun 18, 2018 12:00:00 PM

You only get one first impression so why not make it a great one? There are various things you can do to make sure the first few seconds make a lasting impression on a recruiter, interviewer, or employer. 

 First things first, you have to look snazzy. Your first interview with a company is your chance to show them how you can dress professionally and look the part. It is always important to dress your best for the job. Chop that shaggy old mop off of your head and get that face looking as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Employers are looking for the clean cut because after all, you will be the face of the company you work for. Okay... maybe not literally the “face of the company”, but you are representing the company wherever you go. Take yourself over to Men’s Warehouse and have them fit you for a nice business suit. That pretty penny will pay off in the end when you get that callback for a second interview. Those beat up old pair of Sperry Top-siders you have at the bottom of your closet will not do for business shoes. Show up in style sporting some new leather laces. You can find stylish shoes for cheap online or at your local department store.  

 The first few seconds are crucial to how you start your interview. When you see the person who will be interviewing you, stand up tall, introduce yourself, and give them a firm handshake. This shows you are here for business and ready to get things rolling. Once you are seated and ready to begin, make sure you have a crisp copy of your resume to hand them. Now keep in mind, there many be multiple people interviewing you- so it is always important to have several copies at hand. Resume paper is a must for the interview as well. It is professional looking and they will be impressed to see that you really care for details. If you have a business card, it is always good to exchange them with your recruiter at the beginning of the interview, that way you won’t forget to get their contact information before leaving.  

 The last bit of advice is to put on a big smile. Show them you are ecstatic to be there and give them the vibe that you have a fun and lively personality. Once you have prepared all of these tips, you will be sure to win them over in the first 7 seconds! 


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