How To Use LinkedIn To Increase Your Professional Network

Posted by Garrett Kopich on Oct 29, 2019 11:24:07 AM

LinkedIn is a social media platform created to help people gain connections they need in order to put them in the best situation to obtain a job.  It is a vital job search tool when starting that initial conversation with employers. Click here for more ways LinkedIn is helpful in the job search process. Most companies have a presence on LinkedIn.  Here are is a step-by-step guide for you to get the best results when using LinkedIn.



Step 1: Create a LinkedIn Profile.

When creating your profile, the first thing you need to do is have a professional head shot taken as your profile picture. The best type of profile picture has a solid background, professional attire, and only shows from the shoulders up.  This is the first thing employers will see, so make sure you look professional. After picking a profile picture, upload all work experience.  You do not have to put every job you have had, but you should include your most recent job and relevant work experiences.  If you do not have any relevant work experience, then, you can add any job you have had.  But when doing so, include a detailed job description displaying your duties and how they would relate to the field you seek.  You will also need to provide what high school you graduated from, and the college you are attending. Make sure you include all clubs/activities you are involved in because even though a good GPA is nice, employers like to see a well-rounded individual with a deep understanding on certain topic.  There is debate of whether you should include your professional resume in your LinkedIn profile because employers may not consider you just based off your attached resume. This type of practice is not what LinkedIn was designed for. The main purpose of LinkedIn is to connect with professionals to seek a job. Your job experience alone should be enough to start a conversation, and if they like you, then they will ask you for a resume.


Step 2: Connect With Professionals.

The goal of LinkedIn is to help people make connections to help them achieve their career goals. It is good practice to connect with your peers. These people could be vital connections who can help you in the future. Connecting with your peers is a good start, but in order to obtain the job you are looking for, you need to reach out to employers of the company you are interested in. When choosing which people to connect with in the company, you will need to do some research.  One of the main perks of LinkedIn is the ability to look up who the right people to connect with are.

  • First, search the company you are interested in.
  • Next, there is an option to view all the people associated with the company who are active on LinkedIn. Their job title is right below their name, so you are certain you are adding the right connection. If you cannot find an individual in the career field you are looking for, a helpful tip is to connect with anyone with a Human Resource position. They are usually in charge of the hiring process, or they can point you in the right direction. 
  • After you established who the right person to connect with is, send a personalized message when you choose to connect. It makes your interaction stand out and helps the connection understand what exactly you are trying to achieve. When you send the personalized message, proofread your message! This will be your first professional interaction with the person, and it is of utmost importance to present yourself in a professional manor.  

To see what businesses are looking for so you can make your LinkedIn profile accordingly, check out tips from professionals.

Step 3: Engage.

Once you have started to build your connections, you will want to keep an active presence on LinkedIn. Treat LinkedIn the same as email or any other social media platforms. Make sure you turn your notifications on so you do not miss a message or connection from a future employer. Also, responding to messages and connections in a timely manner is attractive to businesses. By responding quickly, it shows you are serious about obtaining the position and you are willing to put time an effort into your job. Another tip you should follow after setting up your LinkedIn profile is to update it according. Any time you receive a new position or certification, update your LinkedIn profile.

If you are not currently looking for a job, it is still important to update your profile regularly. There are many businesses which use LinkedIn to find people to fill positions. So, you may be on a company’s radar and it is important to update them on information regarding your education. Lastly, create a post when you achieve a goal in your place of business. If you attend a convention, it is good practice to post a few photos and give a small summary of what you learned. This shows businesses you are motivated to learn and work to be the best version of yourself.   


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