How to start a conversation with a job recruiter?

Posted by Michael Carrasco on Oct 29, 2019 11:37:02 AM

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      Your last year of college is coming to an end. As graduation quickly approaches, you probably have one thing in mind: getting your dream job. The main obstacle is starting a conversation with the companies you are dreaming of working with. Recruiters can seem intimidating, but talking to a recruiter doesn’t have to be. Here are a couple guidelines that will help you during your conversation. Soon you will be able to say “goodbye” to the recruiter and “hello” to a hiring manager! Here is how to talk to a recruiter.



Make a good first impression.

One thing we can never forget: first impressions are everything. Most recruiter can’t get past bad first impressions. The first time you meet with a recruiter and every time after that, make sure you are on your best behavior. Don’t forget that poor manners, clumsy interviews, and unreturned phone calls can really hurt you with moving to the next round.

One way to impress a recruiter is to personally reach out to them. April Klimkiewicz, a career coach and owner of bliss evolution said, “the most important thing you are trying to do in reaching out to a company recruiter is getting them to like you and consider you further for the position.” During your first contact with a recruiter you may have questions and want to gather answers but never forget that being polite is the most important thing.


Do your research.

Before meeting with a recruiter never forget to take the time and do research about the company you want to work with. You want to know things like their company ratings, information about the CEO, insights and feedback from current and former employees, the company’s values and mission. The more information you have at your disposal to bring up during a conversation the better.

Here are some things to keep in mind when researching your prefered company:

  1. Location
  2. Company culture
  3. Company values
  4. Company history
  5. Who you’ll be potentially working with?
  6. Competitors
  7. Financial history
  8. Vacation policy
  9. Employee community
  10. Healthcare benefits
  11. Recent news
  12. General benefits


Ask the right questions.

One way to really impress and take the conversation to the next level is to ask questions. Ask questions that show him or her what you want to know more about the position, what the company’s culture is like, and how he or she will define success in the role you are applying for. Some of the questions may include:

  • What are the day-to-day responsibilities?
  • What are the company’s values?
  • Who will you be closely working with?


Stay in touch (Without pestering.)

Most recruiters stay up to date during the interview process. Likewise, you will stay in touch too. You could call or write with questions, or simply let them know that you are eager and willing to work for them.

You definitely don’t want to disappear. You also don’t want to pester. So, what’s the right balance? Use your instincts, however checking every week or two is common industry practice. If you ever have any doubts don’t be afraid to ask your particular recruiter how often they want to be in touch, and what form of communication he or she prefers.

These communications are great opportunities exercise your interpersonal skills such as diplomacy, active listening and willingness to hear different perspectives. Help the recruiter feel they’re making the right decision by sending you to a job interview.


Ask for guidance.

Due to their insider perspective, job recruiters can provide excellent tips to improve your chances of landing the job. Ask for a candid appraisal of your strength as a candidate, from your salary expectations to your interviewing skills and professional appearance.

If the recruiter is doing their job right, they will give you sincere feedback. However, that means that you most listen without being defensive, and then be willing to capitalize on their tips.

Don’t forget, they are there to give you guidance, not execute for you. Ask them for tips to polish your resume. But remember it is not their job to rewrite it for you.


Learn more!

As you progress through the interview process with a recruiter, be sure to continue to fact-check the information you’re being told. This will inform you of questions you could ask the recruiter and allows you to dig deeper into the company’s culture as well as their team dynamics.


Here are some more resources to help you navigate every stage of the interview process:


If you have any other helpful tips, please leave them as a comment below. And visit for other information and tips on finding your dream job. 



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