How To Slay Your Salary Negotiations

Posted by Emellee Posada on Oct 19, 2022 12:48:31 PM

Being a valuable employee in the Marketing industry means knowing your own value to begin with. Here are 5 ways to start the process!


Many people seeking employment, especially their first job, don’t know how to negotiate their compensation. Often because they’re too shy to or simply because they don’t realize it’s something that they can do in the first place. This blog will discuss 5 tips on negotiation to ensure your time and effort is being valued by an employer.


  1. In job and salary negotiations, we sometimes “get in our own way”. We may fail to recognize opportunities to negotiate when focusing only on our weaknesses. The first step that can be taken is to figure out what pay category someone with your education level and experience would receive. After comparing pay levels you’ll have a better idea of what salary you should be negotiating for. Harvard researchers identified five types of negotiating strategies: collaborating, competing, accommodating, compromising, and avoiding.

  2. Salary negotiations are discussions between yourself and a representative of your current or prospective company that aim to help you secure a higher salary. You will need to prove that you are worth investing in, with specific examples. Even cases that are considered “airtight” for a salary increase can face resistance. It’s best to be prepared to go back-and-forth during negotiations and be sure that any compromise reached is acceptable.

  3. If you don't ask, then you can't get the salary you deserve. Salary negotiation makes many people so uncomfortable that they end up accepting the first number offered. Practice countering, asking for the salary you’d like to receive, so that your delivery comes across as confident and in control. Don’t share your salary history with the hiring team, past compensation at another company should not determine how we are presently compensated when looking for a new job.

  4. Once an employer decides they want to hire you, your negotiation power is the greatest. Before you receive the offer, Forbes suggests asking yourself “What is the package to which I'd be willing to say ‘yes’ on the spot?” It’s also recommended to know when to close your mouth and listen. Do not comment on the quality of the offer and pay attention to your non-verbal behavior.

  5. It’s more possible to succeed than you think. Again, research compensation for your job, field and location. If at all possible, negotiating with the person who will make the ultimate decision is your best bet at getting the salary you want. How you approach the employer with a counteroffer matters. You want to seem excited about your opportunity to work at the company while maintaining a strong self of self-worth.

Now that you’ve been given some tips on how to negotiate your salary, are you ready to slay the competition? 

Negotiating a salary in itself isn’t selfish or rude, it’s all about how someone approaches the matter. Proper negotiation techniques are what advances someone in their career. Click the button below for more tips on building professional skills that are vital to the job search process!


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