How to Practice Negotiation

Posted by Jovia Sebaru on Oct 29, 2019 11:57:51 AM

Now that you have advanced in your interview process, Sebaru, Joviais it starting to weigh on you on how you are going to ask for the pay you deserve and not just any pay? You are not alone; a lot of people are scared of the unknown when it comes to asking what they want. Well, look no further here are some tips to help you negotiate the salary you deserve. These tips will help you along your process. First, know your value. Then, ask for help, do mock interviews and lastly practice in the mirror. With focus and practice, anyone can become a good negotiator. 



Knowing and Selling Your Value

Sebaru Jovia

For a successful negotiation, you need information from both yourself and the company or industry you are going to be worki

ng for. Knowing and selling your value means that you take inventory of every job you have done and what you learned from those jobs, whether it’s time management or customer service. Use everything you have learned to your advantage. 

Also, do research on how much money entry level or someone seasoned in your field makes. You do not want to ask below the market or above it unless you qualify to ask for it. According to the book Lean In for Graduate by Sheryl Sandberg, she recommends going to sites like,, and other sites which offer free information on jobs, compensation, benefits, and bonuses. For more information visit and


Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Asking for help sounds like a bother but it is your best friend right now. With social media everything is simplified. For example, use LinkedIn to reach out to people you know in the field you are getting into. Ask them how they went about negotiating their pay. Be specific in your qu

estions to get the right answers or results you need.

Also, use your network by asking open-ended question of what they think a person like you should make. Take all their answers and formulate your own conclusion of what is best for you.


Practice In The Mirror

Now that you know your value and have information from your group of network, it is time to put everything into practice. You have heard practice makes perfect, well, it is time to put it to the test. Write out a script of what you would say, writing helps you to put your thoughts to paper as a reference you forget.

Practicing in the mirror will help you to see how your body language and posture either follow your words or go against what you are saying. As you continue practicing in the mirror you will gain confidence in yourself which will translate in how you deliver and view yourself as well.


Mock Interviews

Lastly, use mock interviews to help you

 get instant feedback.  Consider mock interviews as part of your practice. Reach out to professors or career services to schedule a mock interview before your official interview. Mock interviews are also a great way to put your written script to the test. After the interviewer, to look over you script as well. Remember to be specific about the feedback.

Now that you know what to do…. go out there and get the pay that you deserve! You will do great.


Let us know in the comments below how this has helped you.

For more information; go to to re

ad more about negotiations and other job tips.

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