How to Network with Friends and Family

Posted by Megan Stocum on Apr 1, 2020 1:55:07 PM

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How to Network with Friends and Family

Did you know that 80-85% of people get jobs through networking? Networking is the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Instead of connecting with random people on LinkedIn, Facebook, or social media, try using your innermost circle of friends and family to connect with. They may be able to help you find a job and/or internship. It may be embarrassing to show that you are struggling on your own to find a job, but most of the time family and friends are going to be more willing to help. Here is a step-by-step guide to efficiently network with friends and family. 


First: What are you looking for? A job or an internship?

You are going to have to figure out what type of job and/or internship you are looking for. Once you have done that, then you need to figure out which people may be the most effective helping you find what you need. For example, if you are looking for a marketing internship and your cousin is the head of a marketing team, then you may want to put them on your list of people to contact. 


Second: How are you going to contact these people? Which platform?

There are many ways to network with others, whether it be on LinkedIn, social media, e-mail, or by phone. You are going to want to pick a platform(s) that friends and family use. It’s easiest to contact them where they spend the most time. 


Third: How should you talk to them?

Since you are looking for a job/internship you should speak to your contacts in a professional manner. Saying hello, instead of hi or hey, is always a good way to start the conversation. Make the conversation personable by saying their name along with any title they may have to you. An example would be, “Hello Uncle Rob, do you have any contacts that are looking to hire for an entry level marketing position?”


Fourth: How long should you wait for a response? A day? A month?

Remember to always keep track of your contacts and the times that you message/talk to them. A typical response from family and friends should only take about a day or two. If you are struggling to talk to someone about an opportunity it may be best to move on and ask someone else. 


Last: How do you thank the people who helped you?

Some family and friends may not be able to help you with your job search, but you still need to thank them.  Thank them for their time and contact(s). You can also possibly keep them updated when you find something in the future. Also, update them if you got in touch with their contact. Share with them if you received information about a position. Then, tell everyone when you successfully land that job!  

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