The How-To Guide For Embracing Your Unique Style In A Professional Setting

Posted by Elizabeth Dean on Apr 1, 2020 1:36:40 PM


The How-To Guide For Embracing Your Unique Style In A Professional Setting

Are you graduating college soon and starting the big journey of searching for your very first job? Are you applying to companies that accept an unlimited number of applicants for just one position? Is this something that you really want? Do you need some ideas to help you stand out? When applying for jobs and going through the interviewing process, it’s very important that you find a way to get employers to remember who you are. There are different ways to embrace your individuality and show your uniqueness in a professional way, especially when it comes to your wardrobe.


How Do You Want to Stand Out?

When it comes to selecting an outfit for your first interview, select something you feel comfortable and confident in. From there, you can decide how you want your wardrobe to be professional with a touch of personality!


1. Accessories!

Through the use of accessories, you can show off just how unique you are. Whether it be a trendy, new watch or even just a simple Apple Watch with a unique wrist band, simple ideas contribute greatly to your personal look. You can wear hair accessories like bows, stylish headbands, or clips & pins. Accessories like purses or belts can also be good touches for standing out. Jewelry is always a good go-to. Statement pieces such as elegant, bold necklaces or simple yet eye-catching earrings could be key to helping an employer remember who you are.


2. Patterns, Prints, and Colors!

Wearing clothes or incorporating accessories with patterns, prints or colors is a fun way to spice up your outfit. Instead of sticking to solid colors, try incorporating patterns that catch the eye but also still look professional. Patterns such as houndstooth, stripes, plaids, and even polka dots can look very trendy while still giving off a professional appearance. If you’re feeling like these patterns are too plain or boring for your unique style, you can always incorporate floral patterns, or even brown animal prints like snakeskin or cheetah. If you choose to pick an animal print, brown prints are best paired with black and white. Keep in mind when selecting your interview outfit, you must also match your attire with the industry. A more conservative field, like banking, may want you to stick to a more neutral color scheme.


3. Shoes!

Shoes are a very easy and effortless way to stand out in a professional setting. If you’re a heels kind of gal, or if you like to wear flat shoes such as flats or oxfords, you can add some style to your feet. Picking shoes with unique details could help you stand out. Here is where you could also incorporate the use of patterns, prints, and colors. Who else in the room wears cheetah print shoes?


Sometimes in the professional world, it can be hard to incorporate your own unique style. Regardless, don’t be afraid to stand out and embrace your inner you. Employers need something that sets you apart from the many other applicants, and you never know what that may be. Be yourself and integrate your personality into your appearance and you will flourish.


Have you ever been the trend setter in a professional setting? Share your fashion stories and secrets in the comments below. For more information on job searching tips, visit us at


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