How to Get a Leg Up in the Follow Up to your Interview

Posted by Jason Smith on Aug 9, 2018 1:29:42 PM


The Step that Mediocre Applicants Miss 


One of the most pivotal and commonly overlooked part of the job application and interviewing process is the follow up process.  Missing this step will likely be the difference between landing the job or being kicked to the curb. A follow up email to express your interest should be sent the day after the interview, the morning after is best because it shows that you have high interest in their company and want to be the first one to stand out Throughout the job application process, you will interact with many different members of the company, you want to send your follow up email to not only the person that interviewed you, but anyone you had encountered throughout your interview process.  



How to Formulate an Email 


The email should be sure to express your gratitude towards them for giving you the opportunity to “start a career” within their company.  You should then continue to elaborate on how you would be a perfect fit for their company.   Be sure to express your traits that best qualify you for the position as well as set you apart from the crowd.  This email should not be to long, the individuals you interacted with throughout the application process are very busy and will not give a great deal of time to your email so it is best to keep it short, sweet, and to the point.  The following is a template for a example of what a good follow up email could look like: 


Dear Mr. ________, 


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to _________ and offer my fellow ________ and I a wonderful career starting opportunity. After speaking to you and the rest of the _______ team I believe I would be a perfect fit for you.  I take great pride in my customer service and am highly anticipating the opportunity to prove it to you. 


Best Regards, 

Your Name 


Get Social About it! 

However, email is not the only way to follow up with a company, hop on social media! Go to the company’s Facebook, twitter, Instagram, google+, snapchat… if you have a form of social media you use… FOLLOW IT.  This will keep you up to date and informed on what new and interesting things the company is doing. And guess what? If they give you up a follow call or interview you can mention the company policies and news you learned about through social media to show them how informed and interested you are in their company! 


Fight for some Leverage… if you Dare 

If your willing to risk it for the biscuit a great way to try to earn some leverage is to let the employer know that you have other job offers but are highly interested in working with the company, after disclosing this information (whether it is true or not) you can give them an ultimatum for whether or not they want to hire you with a date to make the decision by, if you are in a crunch for time and really need to line up an internship/job this is a good way to expedite the process.  

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