How to: Ensure that your Resume Gets Seen

Posted by Andrea Kline on Apr 1, 2020 1:44:06 PM


How to:

Ensure that your Resume Gets Seen

Job seeking is at an all-time high, and with that comes a lot of resumes from applicants. However, what I bet you didn’t know is that your resume goes through technology first before it gets into the hands of a Human Resource representative. It’s incredible how much technology has impacted the workplace. Your next question, maybe, how do I ensure that my resume gets seen? Well, let’s get started with the first step. 


  • Step 1Create a standard resume.

Yes, this is one of the biggest things. Having a resume that is 1, easy to edit, and 2, already organized helps when starting this process. 

  • Step 2Look at the job description.

When applying for jobs, what is important is matching the job description. The job description is what the technology compares when looking at your resume. So, look very carefully at that job description. The job description is an indicator of whether this job will suit you and what you want in a career. 

  • Step 3: Pull out some relevant KEY words/phrases and make a T-Chart.

Find some keywords that stand out to you and make a t-chart with them. To make this step even easier, here is a handout created to help you with this step.

Download this Handout

  • Step 4: Input these keywords and phrases into your resume.

  • Once you have pulled those keywords from the job description, input them into your resume where they best fit. These keywords will help to ensure that your resume makes it through into the hands of the representative. 

    Step 5: PROOFREAD!!

Do NOT just read through your resume once or twice, read through your resume multiple times. And, to ensure there are no errors, send it to two to three other people to proofread. 

  • Step 6: NETWORK (The most important part.)

Don’t just send off your resume and think that is the end. Seal the deal by getting into contact with someone on staff. Being in touch with someone on the team helps more than you think. They might be able to put in a good word or ask about your resume.

If you want more information, click here to read more on how to network.

I know that was a lot of information. Just take this information step by step. You can do this! For more help, sign up for our weekly tips. There is also a video with more suggestions as to how to get your resume through the computer. 





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