How to boost your profile on linked in to catch the eye of recruiters

Posted by Benjamin Lawes on Mar 29, 2023 3:58:16 PM


Do you feel like your linked in is not gaining the traction you want? Are companies under valuing you because of your linked in profile? Are you confident in your profile meeting recruiters search filters? If you answer yes to any of these questions look no further in this post you will find helpful tips on Getting your profile perfect for the position you are looking for from Boosting your profile, to gaining more recommendations, endorsements, and catching the eye of any recruiter we got you covered. 

Not taking the opportunity to use linked in on your job search is like going fishing for a living in a stream you may catch a small fish or two but if you go in the ocean, you will catch many fish of much larger value and variety. 

With the technological world we live in advertising yourself online is becoming a necessity for people who are trying to find a career not just a job. With almost every company there is on linked in this can provide you with an opportunity to brand yourself, gain company connections, recommendations, and endorsements that can help you gain your dream job. Using linked in is your opportunity to branch out, spread who you are from corner to corner of the world and show how you can benefit employers. It’s up to you though if you don’t want to use linked in no one is stopping you but you are stopping yourself from opportunities you can’t even imagine.

Reaching recruiters search filters 

Recruiters are on linked in every day looking for potential employees that meet their requirements, fit the company’s image of a solid candidate, and are skilled in the field. Making your profile around the job that you are looking for is key from using terminology and showing your proficiency in the field is going to get you to pop up on recruiter’s radar. 

Recruiters use search engines with specific filters that will lead them to a possible employee’s putting your certifications years of experience and descriptive terminology of what you can do for the job field you want. if you do these things, you will reach these filters and should notice a boost in the views on your profile. Make sure to keep your desired fields broad to reach the most potential employers don’t put a single job title give a couple to better your chances to pop up on recruiter’s radar. 

Put yourself in the recruiters’ shoes and look at your profile as if you were looking to hire someone for this position. Look to your peers and people that have gained the job you want, what does there linked in look like, who are they interacting with how many recommendations and endorsements do they have how active was this person previously to being hired? these questions should help you better fit yourself into the role that you are looking for. As well you should allow yourself to make your linked in active having a more active linked in account will pop your profile higher up in a recruiter’s search list. 

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How to boost your Profile 

Boosting your profile is an important step in using your linked into its full potential. linked in has options to allow you to sync your contacts from your phone email and other social medias having any one you have contacted or has contacted you on these platforms pop up for more connections that will help with the growth of your profile vastly. 

Giving and receiving recommendations and endorsements is a great way to give a company a accurate view of what people think of you from an outside perspective. The more recommendations and endorsements you can get, and give is a great way to boost your profile and engage with the community people will want to help you if you can help them always remember you are an asset for someone else as much as they are an asset to you. 

One of the best ways to boost your profile is to join groups and follow companies that you are after putting yourself in the field , commenting and being active on other profiles is going to get you in touch with many other users with the potential to give you leads , Connect you with higher ups ,and provide you with up to date information in the field you are pursuing . 

Researching companies and creating connections 

Linked in will provide you with all the information you need on a company from people who work, run, and own the company giving yourself the opportunity to speak with people who can make or break your attempt at getting hired. Make sure that you don’t come on too strong and message as many people in the company you can you are likely to get attention but not the attention you want. Instead look for the head of recruiting they will likely provide you with the opportunity you are looking for. 

Never sell yourself short there are millions of companies to apply to if you feel like you are under qualified or you feel that you could never get the specific position you want , TRY giving yourself the most optimum position by broadening your search and putting in an attempt will never hurt it will just give you more information to better prepare for next time you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take so shoot  . 

Creating connections with companies is quite easy not keeping up with the conversations is where people fail to secure job opportunities. It’s quite easy to not leave your notifications on for linked in but don’t fall into this habit responding in a timely manner and with proper poise will help you show the company that you are serious about any opportunity you could be given, and you are not wasting anyone’s time. 

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How to post proper on linked in 

Posting on linked in will get your account to pop up on more recruiters and companies’ radar also giving you the opportunity to engage with the community and show your skills or what you have to offer. Posting proper on linked is all about professionalism and respectable etic. If you wouldn’t say it to your boss don’t say it at all. It’s different from other social medias that it has an underlying professional atmosphere where people are taking you seriously don’t treat others how you would not want to be treated. 

Post a video of yourself I would recommend it so employers can get to know you before they go scrolling through your posts. This will give you a better position for them to get to know you in this video describe who you are and what you can provide to others. 

Don’t make your post too long and make them open ended so that people are encouraged to reply as well as making your posts interactive so that more people engage with your profile more frequently. Post what you have accomplished it will give a company the right idea about you and the skills you can provide to the company. 

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Messaging possible employers 

When messaging an employer be professional and make sure to get to the point of what you are trying to achieve peoples time is limited often and you are going to want to get out what you are trying to accomplish. If you aren’t able to get what you want out of messaging an employer that is okay, you don’t need to unfollow or be nasty to the employer you may come back to this company to try again, or it could give you a bad reputation. 

Try to make the conversation personal this will give your employer a better understanding of you and help come across the right way to employers. Don’t waist all of your time with too many personals though you don’t want to waste anyone’s time get to the point once you feel you have established a rapport. 

Message employers at the appropriate time this will ensure that your possible employer is more likely to get back to you in a timely manner. Make sure that you are on the ball early, earlier messages in linked in get priority you want to be at the top of the list. Relax its not the end of the world if you make a mistake or they don’t get back to you there is plenty of big fish in the sea if you put yourself out there you will see the results. 

Know that you know how to boost your linked in and have popper edict it’s time to apply what you have learned and shoot for the stars. 

From reaching recruiters search filters that will give you the best chance for getting noticed in the field you would like to boosting your profile. It’s all about confidence and professionalism and if you follow the guidelines in this article, you are sure to have a jump on your peers. Make sure to research the companies you want to apply for and establish strong connections for a future of opportunity. Make sure to post proper and make sure that your footprint on this web site Is clean and something that you can be proud of. When your messaging people make sure to keep your head clear make it personal as well as getting to the point. With all the tips that I have gave you I hope you get out there and find your dream career its waiting for u on linked in you just have to put yourself out there.



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