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Posted by Hailey Dougherty on Apr 10, 2019 2:25:37 PM


One of the most important parts of finding a job or internship is networking.  It’s preached to us time and time again- make connections with employers and keep those connections.  The easiest and most professional way to do this is through LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a social networking site, specifically designed for employers, job seekers, and all business professionals to connect. Think of it as a Facebook for the business world, with the intent to build and engage with professionals while establishing and maintaining your own business identity. 

Creating and updating an account can be intimidating and sometimes it’s hard to stand out from the average profile.  But with these quick tips you can give your ordinary-looking LinkedIn profile the boost it needs and deserves.

Have a great profile picture.

First impressions matter! Have your profile picture be professional, simple and reflect who you are.  Be dressed in business casual attire and make sure hair and makeup are appropriate.  A great photo will generate more searches and views, leading to better outcomes for you.

Use a good headline.

Your headline is more important than you think. It’s the line under your picture that describes who you are and what you do.  The best headlines are the ones that are unique to you.  Compound headlines work well too, for example “Partner Manager | Technology | Vice President of Sales.”  Even though you might be searching for a job, do not use “Actively Seeking Opportunities” as your headline.  Sounding desperate will steer away connections and potential opportunities. Use this space as more than just a place for your job title, but your role.  Headlines are a great way of generating searches and views and they make a great first impression.

Allow people to contact you.

Include your personal email address on your profile.  You have the option to add a phone number, street address, and website but those are not as essential.

Include keywords.

Many job descriptions include keywords that employers look for or require for jobs and internships. To really stand out in search appearances, include these keywords in your summary and throughout your profile. Do not over use and fill your profile with keywords; just enough to get your point across.

List your accomplishments.

Sometimes bragging about ourselves can feel awkward and unnecessary, but DO NOT undersell yourself on your profile.  Take pride in your accomplishments!  Add achievements to your profile.  It shows your value and competitive edge.

Proofread ALL your work.

Spelling and grammar errors will be the death of you for a job.  I know proofreading and checking for typos is emphasized enough, but we’re here to stress it more.  Double-checking dates and spelling, using past tense for prior experiences, and staying consistent with capitalization and punctuation are all super simple but extremely important when it comes to your profile.  What isn’t on your profile is just as important as what is.  Delete irrelevant information that doesn’t add any value or credibility to you as an employee or person.  Sound approachable on your profile by using first person, inviting the user to read more about you.  Even though you want to sound inviting, it is still important to use formal language- write as if your employer is reading your profile!

Be active and update your profile.

Most people don’t know this but user activity usually increases your score in algorithmic search results  (user engagement increases platform value).  Posting, commenting, liking and connecting are all ways to actively engage on LinkedIn.  It’s also beneficial to follow influencers or well-known companies of your industry to show your interests and attention.  Connecting with colleagues and friends is a great way of expanding your network and could lead to endless possibilities.  Updating your profile consistently and keeping accurate dates and information on your profile is extremely important as well!

Customize your URL.

Your URL is most likely the first thing recruiters and employers will see on an email or resume. That is why it is crucial to your profile, but often forgotten.  It should look like this:  If your name is taken, consider using a mix of initials or something similar.  After your URL is customized add it to resumes and your email signature!

These tips will come in handy when trying to boost your LinkedIn profile to the next level. Getting profile views and recognition can sometimes be the hardest part, but with these updates you can be assured you’re putting your best foot forward.

What tip do you think is most beneficial?  We want to hear what your feedback!  Comment on the post below, email usor share us on Facebook ( , Instagram ( ,  and LinkedIn (!

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