How ChatGPT can help you during the job search

Posted by Jacob Siegelman on Mar 29, 2023 4:27:06 PM

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The advancement of technology is inevitable and will occur no matter what we do. Therefore, it is up to us to keep up with this progress and utilize the new tools available to our benefit. One of these new tools that are a hot topic of discussion is the growing popularity of AI Chatbots, and more specifically, ChatGPT. Learning how to use this new technology to enhance your job search is essential in staying ahead of the curve, and maximizing your ability to have the most efficient job search possible.  

Finding the right job for you

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Before beginning a job search, a strong foundation must be laid for what kind of job you actually want. This part demands introspection and evaluation of one’s interests, but now that process can be made easier with the assistance of ChatGPT. Say that you have a set of interests but do not know what kind of jobs involve those interests. You can ask ChatGPT what kind of jobs involve those interests and from there you can further research what those jobs entail so you can decide if they are the right fit for you or not. You can use other search criteria besides interests as you can also use skillsets, certifications, and degrees that you have to find a job that matches what you have to offer.

Developing your resume

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Now that you have your desired job in mind, the next step is to make sure that you have an attractive-looking resume that presents the best version of you possible. The preferred look of a resume differs between companies, which can make it difficult to decide how exactly you want yours to look. This is where ChatGPT comes into play, as you can put your resume bullet points into the chatbot, and have it create multiple different resumes based on the information that you gave it. You can ask it to edit certain things about certain resumes as well as take aspects from all the resumes it gives you to create your own custom one that is to your liking. It is important throughout this process to make sure that the resume is not too colorful and creative however, as often when it comes to a job search short, sweet, and simple is the best way to go.

Preparing for the interview

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Often, the interview process of the job search is the most daunting and anxiety-inducing part of securing a job. It is also arguably the most crucial part of the process as the interview can be the make-or-break deciding factor on whether or not a company hires you. Luckily, ChatGPT offers ways to prepare for the interview process to make it less scary. You can ask ChatGPT to give you a list of interview tips that you can implement, or you could even tell the chatbot what specific interview questions you struggle with, and it can give you a list of ways to answer those specific questions. Most unique to ChatGPT, you can have a simulated job interview with it in which it can ask you questions and respond to your responses much like how an actual interviewer would. This way you can have some virtual practice interviews before jumping headfirst into the real one.

Developing and refining the cover letter

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The cover letter serves as the first impression that a company gets of you, thus making it a key part in determining how favorably they look upon you during the selection process. It also is a way for you to flex your creative muscles as you can tailor the cover letter directly to the position and company that you are applying for. ChatGPT can help you write this cover letter by giving you various templates and suggestions based on the company that you are applying for. While it might not be as effective when applying for a smaller and lesser-known company when applying for a bigger company like Google for example, there is plenty of information about Google on the internet for ChatGPT to pull from.

Everything in moderation

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With these tips in mind, I hope that the job search now appears less daunting and scary than it did before reading this blog. It is important to remember that ChatGPT and other AI Chatbots are not a substitute for human creativity, but a tool that can be used alongside it to achieve the best results possible. As previously said in the intro, technology does not stop developing, so it's up to us to learn and adapt alongside it so that we can reach our full potential in the job-searching world. You can find more articles to help you along your professional journey at

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