How a Thank You Letter Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

Posted by Sabrina McKnight on Apr 1, 2020 1:50:31 PM

How a Thank You Card can Help

How a Thank You Letter Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

     When I graduated from high school my parents, just like many other parents with graduating children, forced me to send thank you cards to everyone who came to my graduation party or sent me a card. Of course, I hated it. Why would I want to spend my last summer before college sitting inside, writing handwritten thank you cards to my Great Aunt Betsy? I understood that it was a nice thing to do, but I never understood the impact that this one small piece of paper could have on its recipients. Even though that small piece of paper may seem insignificant, thank you cards have been proven to make a difference in many ways, including the job industry.


Sending a thank you letter to a potential employer is something you should always aim to do while job searching.


There are three main things to focus on when writing thank you letters:

  1. When to send one.
  2. Who to send one to.
  3. Why you should send one.


After understanding these three aspects, you will be better equipped to send a proper thank you letter.


When sending a thank you card or email it is important to act fast.

     You want to keep the recruiter or interviewer’s mind as fresh as possible so they know exactly who you are when they receive your letter. You should send a letter within 24 hours of your interview. You want them to be able to remember your face when they see your name, and this is more likely to happen if you send the letter in a timely manner.


Before writing a thank you letter, it is important to determine who you are sending one to.

       Send a thank you letter to anyone you have come in contact with during the job search process. The more people you positively impact, the better chance you have at securing that job position. When addressing each letter, make sure to address them directly by name in order to help ensure respect. If you interviewed with multiple people, make sure to send a thank you letter addressed to everyone. If you do not have everyone's email or address, then get creative and look them up on LinkedIn or on their company’s website. This approach is respectful, professional, and helps you make a good impression.

Why should you send one?

      Sending a thank you card to everyone you interview with can seem like a tedious task that isn't worth the work. However, thank-you letters have many beneficial impacts. When you send a thank you letter it automatically makes you stand out amongst the percentage of people that do not send one, even if they are more qualified for the job. The thank you card will act as a constant reminder to the receiver of how you go above and beyond. Chances are when you receive a card or letter, you don’t automatically throw it away and the same goes for most employers. Therefore every time they see your card sitting on their desk or see your email in their inbox, they will be reminded of your good character. Sending thank you cards has also been directly correlated to improving overall mood and well being. Expressing gratitude in any way has been proven to increase happiness and decrease depression. Sending thank you cards can help you make a good lasting impression, thus helping you land your dream job while also increasing your overall happiness.


What more reason do you need to start sending out thank you cards today?


Now that you know how to properly end an interview, let’s make sure you are prepared for the actual interview.


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