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Posted by Josh Hall on Apr 17, 2019 2:29:23 PM

There are many things in life that we tend to overlook and brush off as not important. Primarily in the business world, small things like greetings, gestures, and simple mannerisms are what can be the difference between whether or not you secure a job. There are many simple gestures that ultimately reflect how a potential employer may perceive you as either a worthy or an unworthy candidate for the job.

In order to be considered as a “worthy” candidate, show your potential employer that you care! One easy thing to do that makes a lasting impression is leaving a voice message for your employer after your interview. 

Let's look at the following steps toward leaving the perfect message.




Step 1: Set up your voicemail.

First things first, set up your end of the communication channel. Phone calls go two ways. We don’t always answer our phone, so leaving a formal message for employers to hear after a missed call shows that their call means something to you, and that it won’t be long until you get back to them.

Leave your name, number, and a polite greeting that states your concern for the call.

Step 2: Making the call after an interview.

Follow up after an interview. Employers expect you to contact them before they contact you. It means you are making the interview process a priority of yours. Your potential employers are busy, so they may not always answer. You obviously are not a spammer, so leave them a message with the same credentials as your voicemail. Express that you have interest in speaking soon, and as always, be polite. Thank them for their time.

Step 3: Persistence, not spam.

After the first call following an interview, employers are aware of your interest. But, don’t be the one to blow up their phone. Let me emphasize- employers are busy! It is important to set up a time and place to perhaps meet again, that way it is on their schedule. Two calls MAX are necessary to follow up an interview. Again, if they don’t answer, leave a concise message that expresses your interest in the job, and politely request for a meeting.

These small things go a long way. When you make the initial contact following an interview, it says to the employer that you want to work for them.

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