Dress to impress!! What exactly to wear to your first job interview.

Posted by Kyle Coffelt on Oct 30, 2019 6:11:03 PM


Dress to impress! What exactly to wear to your first job interview.

So you’re at your first job interview. The employer is looking at your resume; they are liking what they see. They look up and, boom. They see you, in jeans and a t-shirt. I guarantee you, whatever opinion that employer had prior to seeing your appearance has gone out the window. It is essential to come to your interview dressed to impress. This means no jeans, sneakers, sweatpants, or athletic shorts. Makeup should also be kept at a conservative minimum. Tom Ford said this: “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” If you care about what you wear, your employer will get the impression that you care about the job as well! Go get some professional clothes today!



Our First Job Search has an enormous wealth of information, specifically, on how to dress for your first job interview! Check out this blog on how to make a great first impression. 

One of our trusted professionals, Paula T. Morris, had this to say about dressing professionally: “Don’t underestimate how far a respectful and professional appearance will take you.” She also has a ton of helpful things for if you’re about to do your first job shadow. Read up on what she has to say here, it could make the difference in securing your first job!

This should be one of easiest steps of the interview process. Choosing what you wear is a direct expression of yourself to the employer. Coming nicely dressed puts you ahead of your competitors especially if you can leave a lasting impact. 

Have a great first-interview outfit that you want to show off? Let us know by posting your interview-ready getup on Instagram using the hashtag #OFJSOutfits. Follow us for more interview tips from students and professionals.

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