Does Social Media Stand Between You and A Job?

Posted by Grayson Fipps on Oct 19, 2022 12:48:53 PM


If you don’t want your grandma to see it, then don’t post it! This goes the same way for your future employers! 70% of employers are going to search for you on the internet and go through your social media accounts, what will they find out about you? Here’s some useful tips and tricks to make sure your accounts portray your professionalism, not your crazy college days!

Your social media can help you gain or lose a job in a matter of seconds! Before you put your name in front of an employer, make sure to:

1. Google Yourself!

Google your first and last name, and any nicknames or other names that could be linked to you, to see what first comes up when a hiring manager searches you online. Look through the first two pages of results to see both old and new online accounts that may appear on the search results page. By taking this first step, you can check your online appearance, see what employers will be able to access, and consider what should be changed or altered on your personal accounts!

2. Go Through Old Posts and Comments!

When going through your social media, consider if any of your past posts, or even comments, would be considered inappropriate. This means bad language, political or religious rants, bad things about previous jobs, bosses, or coworkers, sexual pictures, and anything else that may be perceived as inappropriate. Next, untag yourself from inappropriate photos that your friends may posted so they do not show up on your page.

Untag on Instagram!

3. Switch to Private!

Switch your social media account settings to personal instead of public to protect your images and comments. In most cases, this means future employers would have to request to follow you and they can only access your profile picture and bio. However, it is important to know the difference between your professional and personal accounts. An example of a professional account would be LinkedIn, whereas personal accounts may be Instagram and Tik Tok. You don’t want to make everything private because this could be seen as a red flag to employers. Whether private or professional, make sure your profile picture is something you are ready for employers to see!

Don’t know how to switch to private on all accounts?

4. When in Doubt, Delete!

If you have any doubts or uncertainties about a post, delete it! It’s better to be safe than sorry! Examples of appropriate photos and videos on personal accounts include content with friends or family, or fun local activities around your area. Delete things that do not portray the person you are today, you don’t want your past mistakes or immature self being revealed to a potential employer.

5. Keep Things Up-To-Date & Professional!

On professional accounts such as LinkedIn, there should be a recent profile photo and bio. Your profile photo should be as close to a professional headshot as possible. Update your work history, experience, and any skills or certifications you have acquired recently. Repost current events in your industry, leave positive feedback on posts by colleagues, and write your own posts about things that interest you in your industry.

Reshare a post on LinkedIn!

Social Media Securing Your Job!

In an increasingly digital world, be prepared for your future employers to see what you are posting on the internet. Show your personality and authentic self, but protect your professionalism in the process. Allow your social media to enhance your chances at receiving a job offer by organizing your accounts and presenting your best self!

10 ways to help with professionality on social media!

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