Do What You Love: The Benefits of Job Exploration.

Posted by Kaylee Payne on Oct 19, 2018 1:04:52 PM

     If you were the kid who didnt know what they wanted to be when they grew up, youre at the right place. If you are now an adult who still doesnt know what they want to do and youre a junior, senior, or have your diploma in your hand...dont worry, youre at the right place.

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     Everyone has met the person throughout elementary, middle and high school where they knew exactly what they wanted to do in life. And it was extremely specific and it confused and intimated you. Why and HOW do they already know what they want to do?? But you thought whatever Ill eventually figure it out in college." Well here we are, in college, STILL without a clue of what we want to do. You have changed your majors, taken random classes and when you go home for Thanksgiving break and your aunt asks you So do you know what you want to do yet?” You still say no. Its a stressful experience everyone goes through when they didnt know that they wanted to be a Biochemical Engineer at the age of 5. But not knowing is your advantage.

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     Picture this. You have just graduated college and you accept a job offer. You really only accepted it because it was a job and you needed money. It pertained to your major but you arent sure what to expect. But who cares because you got a job and can start paying student debts, buy a house, and the list goes on. 

     But then picture this. 10 years later, you aren't happy with your job. You wish you had a different job. You wish you loved going to work. You wish, you wish, you wish... We are so young and its ok to not know what you want to do. The most important thing after you graduate college is to find something you love. Being satisfied with the work itself is the number one factor that determines if one is truly experiencing job satisfaction. Most peoplthink that pay is what makes people the most satisfied. But doing what you truly love gives you the most satisfaction. So when we are young and able to explore, take advantage of it! So many people accept the first job they get and stay with it for a while because its a job that pays money. The amount of college graduates that have a career path not related to their degree is more normal than you think.

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     So go out and explore. Its ok to have a million different jobs at first. It is not a sign of being uncommitted. You are allowed to take time for yourself and figure out what you are passionate about. If you graduated with a degree in graphic design and then decide to be a teacher, go ahead. 

     Trust your heart. Exploring different jobs will help you determine what you like and what you love. Its also ok to know what you are going to do, but its good to keep an open mind. Sometimes people just stay with a job because its what they thought they wanted to do for years and they are afraid to tell themselves they arent happy. 

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     Trust yourself and your heart. It is way more important to have multiple different jobs starting off and finding out what you truly love, than wasting your time with a meaningless job that gives you no satisfaction. Remember, its ok if you dont know what you want to do. Go explore, and your dream job will come to you.

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