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Ousmane Sarr
Pohanka Nissan Dealer. DM me to Sell/Trade/Buy any whip! Surfin’ on my own wave. | SU ‘20 Owner of @africanbadgyals & @urbandivercity

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Tips to improve your LinkedIn for Professionalism

Posted by Ousmane Sarr on Oct 29, 2019 11:23:35 AM

When I first entered college I thought I was marketable with all the right resources I needed. There was the college’s first job fair of the semester a few weeks in and I felt prepared for it. I went in with my resume, business card and myself to market to these employers that I am the best fit for their company. What I remembered of that day was that I had a lot of great conversation with employers but they seemed to always have a confused face they had when they saw an overly ambitious applicant as me without a LinkedIn profile. They questioned why I did not have one and immediately the mood of the conversation changed.

A LinkedIn profile is how they choose to engage with us these days and we need to know how to best set up a profile for optimal performance. Here are some tips on created your very own LinkedIn profile: 

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Topics: LinkedIn Tips, First Impression, Social Media, Career


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