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Do not be afraid of professional interviews!

Posted by CJ Thorn on Jun 13, 2018 11:35:39 PM
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    You may be asked to create sales role-plays, if so here are some tips to help. You are given the setting of the sale, the product and how you need to present the company. It is important to come informed, well practiced and understand the product.


    The Presentation

    Keep your visuals clean and short. Start with a story that relates to the product, any companies in play, and start yourself off with a strong point before you introduce yourself. By starting with a story, it will help you to be memorable and more comfortable when opening up the presentation. Do not labor for too long on the product, but make sure you do your homework and understand the product along with any major competing products. Make sure to keep your audience engaged. Ask them questions such as, “has anything changed since we last talked,” during the presentation. Make sure to ask for objections, and make a close for a next meeting or sale.


    Tips for success

    1. Do your research on the company and product.

    2. Come prepared, practice often.

    3. Constantly stay engaged with the company during preparation.

    4. Engage your audience with questions.

    5. Keep up your confidence! They want you to do well.

    6. Make sure you make the close.


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Interviewing Presentation? Don't Worry, Be Prepared!

Posted by CJ Thorn on Apr 25, 2018 12:40:17 AM


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