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We’ve all been there. You finally have a great job opportunity that has the potential to open up the next chapter of your career. Only one problem, you have to go in for a job interview. Whether you are a beaming extrovert or a quiet introvert, none of that matters in such a competitive job market where a dozen or more candidates could be gunning for the same position you are. In this blog post, I am going to go over a few tips that will help you nail that job interview in ways that will secure your spot in that new position.

Preparation is key

Knowing everything you need to know about the job you are applying for is absolutely crucial. Knowing the person who will be interviewing you as well as the company itself will only help you in your job interview. The last thing you want is for your interviewer to ask you a question you don’t know the answer to, so it’s also helpful to brush up on your resume and know your own qualifications by heart. When it comes to job interviews, the last thing you want to do is wing it. So study up and prepare for absolutely anything that might be asked of you.

Be the part, look the part

Preparation isn’t the only thing you have to do in order to nail your job interview. It also helps to break out your acting skills and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Nailing everything from eye contact, to a nice firm handshake. But acting is only part of it, you also have to look the part. A job interview is not the time to wear whatever is most comfortable for you. There’s a reason why the saying is dress for the job you want. It never hurts to come in business casual or business proper to show that you are a professional and worthy of the job position. It also helps to have certain mannerisms that will help you during your interview. For example, if the interviewer offers you water, accept it. You can drink water to space out the interviewer’s questions and give you time to formulate an answer. Anything else you can do to add to your mannerism skill set will only help you buy time and make yourself look that much more professional.

Know your process

Knowing what to do before, during, and after your interview will help you land your job position. We’ve already talked about what kind of preparation you would need before your interview. During your interview, it always helps to sit up straight, maintain good eye contact, and be very personable. After your interview, one of the best things you could possibly do is send a thank you letter to whoever interviewed you. Be sure to do this the evening after your interview to show punctuality and professionalism.


Questions, questions, questions

The whole point of an interview is so that your employer can get to know you and so that you can get to know them. Because of this. Knowing what kinds of questions they're going to ask you and what kinds of questions you would like to ask them is crucial. Do not be that one person who doesn’t have any questions when your interviewer asks you if you have any. Also, be sure not to ask any inappropriate questions like “so when do I get paid?”. Being able to answer any questions your interviewer gives you as well as being able to ask questions that are both insightful and helpful are extra steps you can take to nail your job interview.


Extra tips to help you be a better you

There are additional things you can do to make yourself seem more appealing to your employer when you go in for your job interview. For example, be sure to bring extra resumes with you. You never know when someone else at the office would ask to see your credentials. You should also be able to master your non-verbal behaviors. We’ve talked a lot about mannerisms and making sure you have good posture and eye contact. It’s a simple thing, but it also helps to smile and have confident body language. These are just some added tips that can help you if you’re not exactly used to having to talk to people or be personable.

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