5 Important Actions to Ensure a Successful Interview.

Posted by Mark Lettieri on Mar 30, 2022 1:22:08 PM

One of the more important times in your life is fast approaching and will be here before you know it. Transitioning into a career is something that can produce a lot of stress along with confusion and a sense of unknown. With all that comes along with a job, there are things you can do as a candidate to prepare and allow for the highest level of success before, during, and after an interview with an employer. The purpose of this blog is to help break bad habits, create positive habits, and effective ways to communicate with an employer. All that is left to do is to take time out of your day and learn just how you can implement effective interview strategies into your process!

Why is Interview Etiquette Important? 

Subtle changes to the way you interact with employers will allow or higher success rate in acquiring a job, while also helping create connections in all the paths that you may cross. 

First impressions are astronomically important when walking into an interview. It is effective that you as the potential candidate have a sense of confidence and understanding of the actions and habits that will lead to facilitating an effective interview. Employers always have the mindset that there is always the next person in line. They do not feel that you are unique unless you give them a reason to believe so. Interview etiquette is often overlooked and can be the reason an individual may or may not land the job of their dreams or at least the one they hoped to acquire. This blog will play a vital role in preparing whoever takes the time to invest in their future to effectively piece together an impressive interview. 

“You are hired for what you know, You are fired for who you are.” - Sheryl Lyons, Forbes.com

Examples/Tips/Ideas/Resources for Interview Etiquette

  • Common Misconceptions About Job Interviews:


With technology and social media in the world today, there are a lot more people sharing their opinion on what the job interview process is like. Furthermore, the opinions of those who feel they know more about the process than others often find their way on the screen of a prospective employee. This article is interesting as it lays out the explanation behind a lot of misconceptions for a candidate to feel at ease. It touches on common topics like what the interview will consist of, resume outlines, and maximum lengths. All things that the candidate has been looking into far before the interview even took place. It is important for the candidate to understand that the process will be unique to the person. With different levels of experience and personality types encountered by the interviewer, they often try to tailor the experience so they can get the most out of the interview encounter.

  • Top 5 things to remember in an interview:


The success of an interview goes far beyond the verbal exchange between employer and candidate. This can start far before the interview even begins prior to meeting the interviewer. This article dives into different aspects that can provide a positive impact without saying a word. I’ve always been told “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. Often this will lead to a candidate dressing in a far more professional manner. The way you dress is important to consider when going into an interview. Other aspects that this article covers is the use of positive body language. It is important to have as little distraction as possible such as playing with a pen or even playing with your hair. These often can give off the idea that you are uninterested in the interview or can be seen as a bad habit. The more engaged you stay in the interview, the more likely you are to respond with valuable questions along with providing a positive personal image.

  • Things to do before, during, and after your interview.


The first thing about this article that is important to note is the publisher of the article. Columbia University is a storied institution that has produced some prolific members of the professional world. I feel that not much is focused on the preparation for an interview or the time after an interview is complete. Certain steps that the candidate can take will help place them in a position of unparalleled success. Something as simple as a thank you letter after the interview is over goes a long way. For someone who may have never gone through the interview process, this article touches on a lot of positive elements like that. Before the interview, it is exponentially valuable to research the company you’re getting interviewed by along with possibly the person administering the interview. The preparation that goes into the interview will only pay dividends in the execution of a quality impression. There is a lot of great stuff published in this article as I’ve only touched on a few.

Four tips for finding the right job fit.


A large part that can play into an effective interview or not is whether you have found the right job for yourself. Often, the job search is based solely on the money offered and not necessarily on the product itself. For someone to truly be successful, they must find something they are passionate about and have a long-lasting excitement to want to do it every day. This article published by Forbes has gone through and created a list of 4 things that can play a large role in making sure you find that job for yourself. After reading the article, it became clear to me that in summation of the article, there is one major tip that rings true no matter the industry. Being true to yourself will open doors that otherwise would be closed as self-evaluation goes a very long way in the interview and job search process. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of oneself will allow for a transparent conversation within an interview that will leave a much longer-lasting impact on an employer.

Best interview questions to ask Candidates.


Indeed, has become a large proponent in aiding candidates in searching for work. In this article, a recruiter with indeed has compiled some recurring questions that often pop up in an interview. As stated earlier, each interview is unique as the candidates could provide different backgrounds and experience. However, there are still impactful questions that come from a general inquiry to learn more about who a candidate is as a person. Along with researching the employer, it is also vital to look at articles like this for example questions that will often allow for preparation that will lead to an incredible answer. Employers are looking for an impact to be made by the candidate and looking into potential questions is one way to set yourself up for the most success.

Now that you have read the blog, you will have learned a few points that can assist in the before and after stages of interviewing and looking for a job. These steps are set out to limit the stress placed on an interviewee as it is a major milestone in one’s life to get to. With Our First Job Search, we want to manifest success, confidence, and results and that is what this blog post is aimed to do for those transitioning from college to career.

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