3 Misconceptions About Working For A Non-Profit Organization

Posted by Catherine Jenkins on Apr 2, 2020 1:38:24 PM

3 Misconceptions About Working For A Non-Profit OrganizationPerson with coins in their hands with a note that says 'make a change'Non-profit organizations are a great way to get involved in your community. But why not as a career path? Non-profits can offer you more than just an opportunity to volunteer. There are many career benefits, and ways to make a difference in a competitive environment. Our First Job Search will give you all the necessary information to nail your first job interview. Click here for tips on landing your dream job at a non-profit! Now here are some common misconceptions about working for a non-profit to get you thinking about your future.


#1-Non-profits are strictly for volunteering.

While there are opportunities to volunteer, there are also many paid positions. There are many organizational, financial, and business challenges that only employees have to deal with. Volunteering is just the very tip of a non-profit iceberg. Did you know a paid Red Cross worker makes an average of $39,500 to $98,200 a year? 

#2-Everyone that works in a non-profit is smiley, caring, and passionate.

This can be the case for some, but not all non-profit employees are sunshine and rainbows. There are big egos, politics, and corporate greed just like in any other business. Some absolutely love the volunteer work, but for others, it is a business-oriented, challenging environment with many obstacles and tribulations.

#3-There is no upward mobility in a non-profit.

False! Non-profits provide people with a lifetime of exciting career options. There are opportunities to move up the ladder of the organization, as well as travel, and manage different locations/sectors depending on the type of non-profit you choose. Nationwide non-profits such as Planned Parenthood offer opportunities in many different cities. According to Forbes Magazine, here are the best non-profits to work for.

 There are many more myths and misconceptions about working for a non-profit organization, these were just a few. I hope I was able to get you thinking about your possible future in this sector. Have any ideas of your own? Let us know! Check out OurFirstJobSearch for more tips and tricks on how to make a lasting impression to your future employer, or submit your own tips and tricks for success!


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